Days Like These

This morning was a bit of a blur. The alarm went off and I felt the events of yesterday sneak back into my consciousness bit by bit. I had a great first day at PCTELA. I listened to Dr. Bernard Hall talk about using hip hop in the English classroom, I learned about a couple of … Continue reading

Celebrating Week One

I love the beginning of the school year. I have new students to meet. I have a full year of possibilities to plan. I have a clean room. (Okay, mostly clean now. I have been in it for five days.) I hit the ground running with discussion and speeches and letters written and mysteries solved and expectations … Continue reading

A Last Day Looking Forward to a First Day

It was the “last day” of summer vacation today. (I have inservice days for the next two days and I’m off again on Friday, but that Friday never feels like a day off. I’m a bundle of nervous, nesting energy hoping to get everything finished before the weekend.) I had a zillion things I wanted … Continue reading

A Midsummer Exercise in Frustration

This morning has warning signals all over it. I took my morning medication and realized it was already Wednesday. I saw a friend’s post that today is his first day back to school. I saw that the carpets need vacuumed, the sugar bowl is nearly empty (and we didn’t remember to get sugar at the … Continue reading

Getting Back on Track

It’s Monday and I like the idea that today marks a new beginning. Actually, I love this aspect of teaching in general – new students, new years, new marking periods, new groups, new units, new notebooks, new pencils, new ideas… With new things comes enthusiasm and excitement and energy. And today felt a whole lot … Continue reading

The Post That Didn’t Happen

There are many potential posts I had written in my head yesterday. 1. The one about the improvised song I sang to the coffee pot while I waited for my coffee to brew. 2. The one about the pets were actually all curled up together on the bed being sweet and kind – like a … Continue reading

One Long Day

It’s just after 11 pm and I find myself at home, dressed down and working at winding down for the night. My hips and knees ache – probably from climbing those steep steps to the light/sound booth a million and a half times over the course of the day. My brain is racing and likely … Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans…

I am the queen of adjusting to life as it happens. Don’t think that means I don’t plan. I plan. I have lists and color-coded charts and Google docs and I rehearse what I want to say each day at school in the car. But there are so many things that happen in life that … Continue reading