Breaking the Chain

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Despite my best efforts at making reasonable goals, I already broke the chain and did none of them yesterday. No exercise (unless you count running across the stage, giggling as a stand-in postulant at our Sound of Music rehearsal last night, but I don’t know that back and … Continue reading

Who Owns What?

The world is full of great ideas. That’s because there are dreamers and optimists and geniuses of all stripes on this globe who have been kind enough to share their thoughts with us. The best ideas get shared – they always have been, whether it took lifetimes for them to move across time and space to … Continue reading

Celebrating Conversations

It’s been a long week. There was a full moon in there somewhere (5:22 pm Thursday) and I’m sure that my classroom wasn’t the only one that felt its effects. Students were more fidgety and slower than normal about calming down and getting to work. It was the perfect week to start having some one-on-one … Continue reading

A Slice of the Process

I don’t always think about single words as I look back on my day, but I couldn’t help but focus in on the word PROCESS. For one thing, it’s Election Day so I got to go be part of the electoral process. I am continually amazed at how many well-educated adults I know who do … Continue reading

My Kind of Day

The calendar has flipped over to November and, yet again, I forgot to say “rabbit, rabbit” when I got up at 1:30 am after hours of long-overdue sleep. I don’t know that I will need so much luck though if today is any kind of predictor for the rest of the month. I did get … Continue reading

Access to Books and Summer Reading

Access to Books and Summer Reading

As I put my summer reading assignments together, I really thought about the ways in which my students might get books. I actually sent my assigned books to my ninth graders to read. (I had such a big section that I ran out before everyone got one of each.) My seniors chose authors — and … Continue reading

Looking for Joy

Looking for Joy

The kid is up. And what I love about this is that he wants everyone to know he’s up. So he’s whistling. Some days this makes me want to climb the walls – when he’s been whistling for hours at a time, my patience for it can run kind of thin – but this morning … Continue reading

Summer Reading: It’s All About Priorities

Summer Reading: It’s All About Priorities

This week’s theme is summer reading and choice reading. If you had asked Teenage Me about summer reading and choice, she would have laughed and said, “Aren’t they pretty much the same thing? Shouldn’t I get to choose what I read over the summer?” I was a teacher-pleaser and I would read anything that was … Continue reading

Thinking About Summer Reading

  Over the last couple of summers, I have spent a great deal of time agonizing over summer reading assignments. Our district requires them for honors students – and since I teach two grades of honors, I need to craft two separate assignments. Since Teenage Me always viewed summer as a time of freedom – the … Continue reading