My Favorite Poem

Kevin invited me to write about my favorite poem a little while ago, but I haven’t quite gotten my act together to write about it.

Maybe it’s because I hadn’t quite decided which poem was going to be my favorite.

It is National Poetry Month and this is a great excuse to spend a bit more time with poetry in general – and even better time to revisit old favorites.

On April 11, my principal came to visit my seniors to talk to them about the importance of poetry. His speech was personal and impassioned – full of recollections of poems that have meant so much to him. (I blogged about it on my classroom site if you want to see what he had to share.) His words inspired me to think about the poems that have meant so much to me.

I have fallen in love with spoken word poetry and delight in sharing it with my students over the years. (Check out some of the ones we looked at together this year by scrolling through my poetry posts here.)

But as much as I love spoken word and contemporary poems, as much as I adore Billy Collins, Taylor Mali, Sarah Kay, T.S. Eliot, and Ezra Pound, I still think my favorite poem is “Sonnet 116” by William Shakespeare.



I suppose this makes me a hopeless romantic, but the idea of love being what guides us, what anchors us to one another, from this life to the next, has never left me since I first read it.

(I may or may not have commissioned some artwork from a student that goes along with the line, “it is the star to every wandering bark.”)

So there it is – better late than never.


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