Getting Organized

Some years I get to the finish line and I shove everything into boxes and drawers and my closet and head home.

Some years I get this incredible urge to clean and organize and make sure I’m not doing all of that when I return in August when I should be fussing over other details.

This year I am in a cleaning mood – and it’s good, too, because I am getting to move into a new classroom.

(Future and former students and colleagues, before you get excited: I am not moving to another school, just moving down the hall to another room.)

This presents me with an awesome opportunity: really go through and streamline everything. I get to sift and sort and organize my classroom library and files and everything.

I love the idea of starting fresh next year in a newly organized space, but I am going to be honest: my mind is running wild with all sorts of questions about not only placement but flow. Where will students be? Where will the supplies be? How will they be marked? Where will things go when they get turned in? Where will I post information?

I’d already started organizing and sifting computer files to streamline that and I have been working at reorganizing my course plans and goals and materials for all of my classes. I’m starting notes about how I want to use my classroom website better.

So I’m curious about what your classrooms look like and how they run. What is the one thing that you realized about how your classroom is set up that has made all the difference?


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