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I threw this topic out on Sunday afternoon when I saw a message from Kevin asking what we were going to write about this week. “How do we use summer to refuel and recharge?” Seemed like an easy enough topic to consider. Except when I sat down to write, the first thing I thought of … Continue reading

Who Do I Trust?

Kevin English and I were able to catch up at nErDcampMI last week and we swore we’d get back to challenging each other to blog. I was happy to see an email from him within 24 hours with the following topic: Who do we trust more? People we work next to or teaching friends from … Continue reading

My Favorite Poem

Kevin invited me to write about my favorite poem a little while ago, but I haven’t quite gotten my act together to write about it. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t quite decided which poem was going to be my favorite. It is National Poetry Month and this is a great excuse to spend a bit more … Continue reading


I haven’t forgotten about my commitment – my promise to myself – to write more and to challenge my friend Kevin to blog more. But the two of us found ourselves bogged down with a zillion extra things in the past couple of weeks (You can see more about what’s been going on with him to hold … Continue reading

Writing Myself Accountable

Last week Kevin issued this writing challenge: For our next post, let’s write about one of our goals. I’m hoping that by doing this, we’ll build in a little more accountability. How can we help each other achieve the goal, or what have we done to work toward it? True to form, we both pushed … Continue reading

Looking Back and Looking Forward

It’s the time of resolutions. That means looking back over the past few months and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t and what we’d like to change. For me, 2016 is going to be a year of adjusting in so many ways that I feel like I need to resolve to give … Continue reading

Focusing on Being More Happy Than Not

It’s been a strange week. At this hour last Sunday I was saying good night to my cousin and my husband and my son, getting ready for another long night with my parents as my mom and I did our best to keep my father comfortable. I curled up on the couch to rest until … Continue reading

A Call for Empathy

When I chose for Kevin and I to write about life-changing events last weekend, I honestly hadn’t thought that my week would go the way it did. I thought I would just write a post about how big events in our lives affect our teaching lives. Getting married. Having children. Moving from one home to … Continue reading

Where This All Started

My favorite thing about NCTE and ALAN is running into colleagues who have become friends from all over the country who push my thinking. Or in this case, to push (urge? encourage?) me to write more. See, I ran into Kevin English at a gathering where they were talking about the importance of blogging, of getting … Continue reading