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Today Feels Like a Holiday

I have been looking forward to today for a long time. I was giddy when I found out that I wouldn’t have to keep checking my phone during my lunch and prep periods to see what was going on because I could definitely get one of the virtual seats for the Great Big Announcements taking … Continue reading


When I woke this morning, I saw a link that Katherine Sokolowski shared. She’s been reading through Thomas Newkirk’s The Art of Slow Reading¬†(which I really need to read – it sounds like something I could use for myself as much as for my students). Somehow, she found this commentary by Newkirk:¬†Stress, Control, and the … Continue reading

Some Days…

Some days you know are going to be the kind you wish you could’ve stayed in bed. Yesterday started that way. I dreamed that the cat puked on me (on the covers) in bed and found that I took that as a sign to get out of bed early and go find other things to … Continue reading


Mom and I were heading to the movies this morning – for the first time since last winter when we went to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – to see an early show of The Silver Linings Playbook. We were heading out of her comfort zone by heading to a theater she doesn’t usually … Continue reading

365 – 2?

I am figuring that I’m not alone in making New Year’s Resolutions that involve doing something every day. (I should be working on that working out every day thing, but that needs some work. A dose of realism reared its ugly head after a trip to the gym a week or so ago… Too bad, … Continue reading

What Matters – Part I

I attempted to post this last night from my phone…an attempt to avoid typing a long rant on my phone. Then I realized that it wouldn’t be uploading pictures so swiftly either. Nuts. So here it is, a day later, but hopefully just as relevant as yesterday when I was on a roll.

The Sounds of Silence

So today in no way went according to plan. I woke up, found my login information to go online and call off, and typed up plans for my sub. I put my funny winter hat on and went to school to drop things off only to realize halfway there I’d left everything at home. I … Continue reading

Things That Make Me Smile #6

There is nothing more wonderful than having a reading companion snuggle up to you and a good book. Sometimes it’s my son. Sometimes it’s my husband looking over my shoulder at what I’m reading. More often than not, it’s one of our cats – Hollis is more interested in my son’s bedtime stories while Smacky … Continue reading

Forgive Me…

I’ve been working hard on a promise to myself to post here each day abs so far I’ve done well. But here it is, five minutes until midnight and I’ve been distracted by other pursuits. Forgive me, but I was busy in another world with my heart racing as I turned pages as fast as … Continue reading