Writing Myself Accountable

Last week Kevin issued this writing challenge:

For our next post, let’s write about one of our goals. I’m hoping that by doing this, we’ll build in a little more accountability. How can we help each other achieve the goal, or what have we done to work toward it?

True to form, we both pushed our writing back to the very edge of our self-imposed deadline. So I countered with a 15-minute-write rule for this post so we didn’t wiggle out of it under the pressure of getting ready for going back to school tomorrow.

So, no pressure or anything. It’s not like the clock is ticking or anything.

I looked at the goals I outlined in my recent blog posts and the ones I have scribbled in my personal notebook and I looked at what Kevin said about accountability and I thought…

…isn’t this, what I’m doing right now, tapping on these keys, writing on my blog, doing so many of those things that I am hoping to accomplish this year?

I am writing more.

I am focusing on celebrating what’s good and being more positive.

I hope to share more of what’s going on in my classroom and if/how I’m balancing this beautiful full life I lead and what I am managing to read in the edges of my day.

And, even if only a couple of people click on the link and read what I have to say here, it’s making me a bit more accountable to all of my goals.

(Even if my mom is the only one clicking the link. I love you, Mom!)

And even if no one clicks and no one reads, I know that someone could.


One thought on “Writing Myself Accountable

  1. Indeed, friend. This is meeting a goal. It’s also opening yourself up to possibilities, even if only for 10 minutes at a time. Thank you for continuing to blog and to share your thoughts. I have been made richer by the words you have shared with me.

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