One Little Word: I’ll Try Again

I have been trying these One Little Word resolutions for the last few years.

In 2013: I first picked MOVE. Then I changed it to HABIT. I later said I should’ve picked REVISE because neither word took all that well.

In 2014: I picked BALANCE. I wrote about that as a real juggling act just this past week. I consider this a work in progress – as it probably always will be.

In 2015: I picked START. Not bad – I do think last year was a success in many ways, but I can say…I can’t chalk any of it up to this word. I had to look up my post from last year to see what I’d chosen before I wrote any of this.

Clearly I’m doing this all wrong.

I started kind of brainstorming about what I wanted to do this year and looking over my lists of things to see if there was any one common thread.

There were words like positive and gratitude and love and kindness repeated over and over among the goals for getting organized and creating solid routines to clean my house and paint my nails and trying to get my 10,000 steps and eating better.

I also thought of the kind messages I have gotten from friends who have also lost parents, reminding me that grief sucks and sometimes we need to just worry about ourselves and not push lofty goals. Some days getting showered and finding a reason to smile is enough to celebrate. And to remember that this is a process that lasts a long time.

So my word this year is going to be CELEBRATE.

I’m going to look for the good in each day and celebrate it.

I want to look at the positive and find the love and the kindness and the little victories in my classroom and at home and in the world and celebrate it.

Even if it is just getting up and showering.

I realized I had a MantraBand on when I was considering how best to remember my word. I got the one I have from a friend and it is one that I appreciate seeing – LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE.

It’s a good reminder for me when I make decisions or think about who I want to be.

There isn’t one that simply says CELEBRATE, but I think I might be diving onto Etsy to help me find a bracelet that will help me remember my One Little Word this year.


18 thoughts on “One Little Word: I’ll Try Again

  1. I’m with you on wondering/worrying about how to do this OLW thing. I think you did it perfectly. Thanks for blogging about the process ! Celebrate is perfect and Ruth’s blog is a way to keep you on track.

  2. The things about the OLW is there isn’t one right way to do it. I find that I feel most connected when I have reminders of my word around. A piece of jewelry I buy or I paint it or I write about it my notebook. Last year, I even grabbed wooden blocks and spelled it out on my desk. Scrabble letters would work too. Visual reminders help. CELEBRATE is such a great word!! I celebrate YOU!

  3. Celebrate is a great word. It definitely helps me stay positive when I look for things to celebrate each week. Keeping Celebrate out in front of you as your One Little Word is a fabulous idea to help you keep moving forward.

    • I know that writing the Celebrate posts that Ruth Ayres has invited us to be part of have been so positive. I see my week differently when I look at it with that lens.

  4. Cindy – I so understand. I feel like I keep getting this wrong too. I picked mindful last year and my year was anything but mindful. I may stick with my two words even if it is only supposed to be one. I like having clarity in order to have courage. :-) I so want to celebrate with you this year even if it is long distance celebrations.

    • Keep the two words! I won’t tell anyone you’ve got more than one OLW! ;) I feel like there have been a lot of celebrations lately – the holidays, Nerdy awards, and ALAMW is this weekend so there will be more awards to celebrate. And, of course, I’ll be back celebrating books and reading and writing and just being back with my kids tomorrow. Have a wonderful first day back tomorrow!

  5. CELEBRATE. An amazing word, full of possibilities. There are so many events and people in our lives that we forget to celebrate. This word will help you remember them!

    • So much celebrating to do. I saw a post today about the sickness of busyness – that we’re always so quick to tell people we’re busy. But that takes the joy out of what we do. I think there’s a future blog post there, but it’s true!

  6. Love hearing your story to come to your word…and your less than successful words in years past. I think celebrate will be perfect…and I’m sure you can find a reminder to wear (or some kind and crafty friend can make you one!). I’m still ruminating on my OLW for this year…seems I have to wear the new year a bit before I can commit. I’ll share mine soon!


    • Maybe I can special order something from my cousin. I think that would have the added benefit of reminding me of them, too. :)
      I’ll be watching for your OLW!

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