It Was a Beautiful Day, Thanks for Asking!

I missed my Slice of Life post this week – as I’m struggling to adjust to being back to school. I am up early but desperately want to curl up and sleep after dinner. Or at least not do a whole lot of anything resembling work. I’m exhausted. And on Tuesday, I didn’t feel so hot. So it got missed.

I woke up yesterday and thought, Ugh.

I still felt lousy. Head stuffed up. Sore throat. A cough that hadn’t been there before I went to bed.

The usual beginning of the school year crud.

Great, I thought.

But I wasn’t running a fever, so off to work I went.

Turns out that yesterday ended up being so much better than anticipated. I had figured that I would be slogging through the day, growling at myself for forgetting the good tissues at home again.
But by the time the end of the day rolled around and my one sweet, soft-spoken boy came in for my last class and asked me, as he has every day since the first day of school, “How has your day been, Mrs. Minnich?”, I could happily look him in the eye and tell him, “It was a great day. How about yours?”
We daydreamed about the clubs we’d have at school with unlimited budgets. (Think fashion, hoverboards, fancy foods from around the world, napping pods, books and baristas (uh…that might have been mine, but there were a lot of kids who agreed to hang out in my club!), go karts, travel, and…the club that just requires you to show up, sit quietly, and then you get paid when you go. They are all kinds of creative with these writing prompts. And willing to share what they have.)
They worked together to attempt to make some sense of “Ordeal by Cheque” – a short story told entirely through a bunch of checks. Heavy on the inferring in this exercise.
I listened to an excited discussion from a few of my kids during our club period who decided they wanted to write something together. There was much debate about whether writing picture books was easy. (HA! I told them that there are an awful lot of picture book authors who would be HAPPY to tell them it isn’t!) They decided they want to do a multi-narrator novel together instead.
The seniors were frustrated with their essays – but they were frustrated before they wrote rough drafts and they were still frustrated when they got them back. I think (I hope) that talking with them that period (and the others that I ran into later) helped them. I’m hoping that today’s work helps them more.
Journalism students are working to refine their approach to writing to expand beyond “just the facts” that had been thrown around so quickly all over social media. School newspapers and yearbooks have to work hard to provide a story that goes beyond what everyone already knows. Otherwise what they write will go largely unread. Never had to compete with anything like that when I was in high school, so this continues to be a challenge for me in helping them.

I really did feel better by the end of yesterday. Not just that I wasn’t sniffling and coughing, but I felt better because I had another day in of doing the job that I love. Another day of experiences that reminded me fully that this is where I belong.

I’m up and at ’em for another day. I look forward to seeing the kids and learning with them.


4 thoughts on “It Was a Beautiful Day, Thanks for Asking!

    • We were aiming to add cushy couches and a corner stage in my room for poetry performances. And by “we” I mean “I” because I haven’t gotten to getting them to love poetry yet. Soon enough. We’ve got some time. :)

  1. Wonderful that you were able to find the joy even though you weren’t feeling so well at the start of the day. Doing a job that you love is good for health.

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