The Post That Didn’t Happen

There are many potential posts I had written in my head yesterday.

1. The one about the improvised song I sang to the coffee pot while I waited for my coffee to brew.

2. The one about the pets were actually all curled up together on the bed being sweet and kind – like a pet Peaceable Kingdom.

3. The one about what I found (and didn’t find) when I dug through our safe deposit box looking for the title to the car. (I might revisit this one later — it was like digging through a time capsule.)

4. The one about my response to my son’s enthusiasm about Women’s History Month. (This might get revisited later, too.)

5. The one about my son reading to me as I finished getting ready to leave for our final performance tonight.

6. The one about our final performance of The Sound of Music.

7. The one about two of the kindest, nicest words in the English language: thank you.

8. The one about how I thought it was far more important to catch up with the wonderful young lady who was watching my son last night than it was to worry about the clock and check to see if I could post my Slice of Life post by midnight.

I didn’t have a post for yesterday. But what I also don’t have is regrets.

Yesterday was a full day and, while I probably could have squeezed in a few minutes to write a short version of one of these potential posts, I consider my noticing the potential for writing in the moments of my day as one of the great things about doing this Slice of Life Challenge. The trick is making sure those ideas get written down somehow, somewhere. And that’s where I broke the streak.

But today is another day.

And I’ve got another post to write already.


6 thoughts on “The Post That Didn’t Happen

  1. Right on!!! I had a similar experience yesterday and although I wrote my slice at about the very last possible minute I thought about potential slices all day long. I think the slicing challenge is making me more aware during my day. Today I vowed to write in the morning. It’s 11:56 – technically its still morning and I’m having a very hard time getting started. I think your piece will definitely strike a chord with a lot of slicers.

    • I’m sure. I hope you were able to get something written. It does take some serious effort to get moving some days. Maybe that’s when we look back on lists like the one I made in my head yesterday (and wrote down today) for inspiration. There’s always something.

  2. I’m glad you have no regrets. I’ve quit about 8 times already telling myself I’m not going to post. Like you I have a list and like Maria I have a “writer’s eye” on the world. And thanks for being reassuring that life will go on if I don’t slice.

    • Don’t give up, but don’t beat yourself up with regrets if something else takes priority. If you can, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep trying.

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