One Long Day

It’s just after 11 pm and I find myself at home, dressed down and working at winding down for the night. My hips and knees ache – probably from climbing those steep steps to the light/sound booth a million and a half times over the course of the day. My brain is racing and likely not going to slow down enough for me to fall asleep for a while.

Which means I have some time to write this post.

Today was the day of the senior citizen performance AND our first public performance.

And let me tell you: I never want to try to do two performances in one day again.

It wore me out.

And I wasn’t even on stage.

To be honest, the show for the senior citizens this morning went really even better than I – an optimist – had anticipated.

We were ready to go for Round 2 – sound check done and hair and makeup ready and the music was playing when we realized that something was wrong with the mic for one of our leads. We raced around trying to fix it before he had to be on stage in a scene or two — and we thought we had.

Except we didn’t.

So we couldn’t hear Captain Von Trapp in his first scene on stage.

Turns out the microphone broke off the headset between the sound check (which had been just fine only about 30 minutes before curtain) and scene 2. So all the running around attempting to bribe it with sweet talk and new batteries wasn’t going to save the poor thing.

So we swapped out mics and reassigned a couple to accommodate the missing mic.

And we moved on.

Doing any kind of performance live – whether you’re talking about something complicated and big like a musical or a speech or teaching a lesson – you do the best you can and you just keep going.

It’s really, really, really hard.

And, even after weeks of watching rehearsals, I didn’t realize how much of a toll doing one run-through of the show took, let alone have some clue as to how it would feel to do the entire show twice. In one day.

I’m glad to be home.

I’m looking forward to another round tomorrow.

But not before I get some rest.


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