The Best Laid Plans…

I am the queen of adjusting to life as it happens.

Don’t think that means I don’t plan. I plan. I have lists and color-coded charts and Google docs and I rehearse what I want to say each day at school in the car.

But there are so many things that happen in life that we have zero control over that when everything gets upended with that one thing you could never have possibly foreseen, you just put a smile on your face and start to problem solve.

Adjusting lesson plans whenever you get surprised by delays and early dismissals and snow days seems like nothing compared to attempting to adjust tech week musical rehearsals.

We had a long week of rehearsals planned – problem scenes after school followed by a really short dinner break followed by the full cast run through with the pit.

And then…weather.

An early dismissal on Tuesday was at least offset by having time during the school day to run through Act I.

But we missed out on any rehearsal time yesterday because of the closure from ice.

And we consoled ourselves by figuring that we’d be in school today. Maybe just a delay, but we surely would get to school today.

And as the hours passed yesterday and the ice melted and the forecast for the storm kept changing to less and less snow, we felt more and more confident that we’d be at school today.

I looked at my weather app around 4:30 this morning and the warning had been downgraded to an advisory and it didn’t look like anything had happened overnight.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

We got a call for a two-hour delay.

It had just barely started to snow, but since I don’t live in my district (though I’m a mere seven miles from my school), I figured that our superintendent knew best.

It made more sense when I went outside with the dog.

Everything was icy again underneath that little bit of snow.


Then the snow really started to come down and I knew we were going to get stuck with more “found time” at home again today.

But I really wish we could have some “found time” at school.

(This is one of those days where I truly wish that my magical musical kids had all the magic of Hogwarts at their (and our) disposal. Portkeys or the ability to apparate would have been really handy on a day like today…)

But at this stage, there isn’t much we can do without being altogether in our auditorium with our props and sets and costumes and sound board and lights.

But even with all of the interruptions and changes and everything else that goes on in the last days leading up to the first performance, even with all of the other thousands of disasters great and small that happen in our lives despite our best laid plans to control for them, I know these kids and I know they are ready.

The butterflies in our stomachs are there no matter how many rehearsals we have because we care about what we’re doing and doing our very best.

So there isn’t too much for me – or any of us – to adjust here except recognizing my nervousness for what it is and to know that tomorrow we will be the very best we can be.


17 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. I’m a planner myself so I can completely related to you when things just keep happening that are out of your control. One thing I’ve learned is that kids are amazing and although you’re crunched for time they will step up to the plate! I wish you well!

    • Kids are amazing. And they can do incredible things when they are invested in what they are doing. I have no doubt that they will rock this. Thank you!

  2. What is it they say? “Man plans and God laughs.” You have great kids so I know everything will go smoothly. This time of year is when flexibility really pays off. Have a great day!

  3. That’s tough! Our middle school musical was cancelled tonight on account of the snow day. Although I am enjoying the day off, my heart is with my disappointed kids who worked so hard for opening night. Let’s hope for no snow tomorrow!

  4. My heart is with you, CIndy! But you so right when you say the kids will rise to the occasion and do their best because they care. Thank you for your positive outlook!

  5. You brought out another dimension to the challenge of this wintry weather. I guess since my own children have graduated high school, I hadn’t even thought about the havoc for the evening events – this is tough. But, what a powerful, confident line this is: “despite our best laid plans to control for them, I know these kids and I know they are ready.”

  6. Oh no. You are so right when you say that there comes a time when you just have to be together to rehearse with all the props, costumes, lights, etc. Enjoy the final celebration when everything has gone way better than you ever thought it might.

  7. Cindy, tell the kids “break a leg.” I feel all your emotions here as having directed plays and having coached speech and debate in a winter wonderland, I know those butterflies and nerves. I’ll be watching for your reports of a successful opening night.

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