March Fourth

Any date that attempts to motivate me (“March forth!”) is good in my book.

But when it attempts to get me moving on an unexpected Ice Day? It feels downright necessary.

See, snow days and ice days are like found time.

And found time ideally means catching up on housekeeping and grading and yearbook things and email and scheduling posts and the thousand other things that I can get done to make life a little easier to juggle for the days ahead.

(If there are less things racing through my brain, maybe I won’t try to use the wrong key in the ignition and freak out when the car won’t start again…)

But there is this part of me who just desperately wants to curl up in my jammies under a blanket with a huge cup of coffee in front of the pellet stove in the basement and read a book or binge watch Gilmore Girls all day long.

So…the order to March Forth! seems to require more action than turning pages or holding the remote.

So I’m making my to-do list for the day and working on crossing things off.

March forth!


15 thoughts on “March Fourth

  1. It is hard to turn that found time into something productive. I always felt like it was a gift to me to do something for me. You can always make your list while watching Gilmore Girls. :-)

  2. Hoping you got a lot of both done today. I am anticipating a day like that tomorrow, but I have 27 undergrad journals waiting for me for over a week, due Tuesday. I will be marching forth on the fifth ;-)

    • The snow seems to have stopped here for a bit just now. The entire world looks white just the same. If you’re home today, enjoy your book and jammies!

  3. I love when I read a post and it surprises me by making me consider what is ordinary (snow day/ice day) in a new way. Your post did that when you wrote: See, snow days and ice days are like found time.

    I hadn’t thought of it as found time. But it is.


    • Cool!

      I try to have a good attitude about the stuff I can’t do much about. So found time is about the best way to look at the interruptions of snow days. They are good days for reading and bumming around in pajamas or getting a whole whirlwind of stuff done.

      It’s like the world being paused from its normal routine for a bit.

    • I didn’t get nearly as much done yesterday as I had hoped, BUT I did feel far more rested than I have in a while. My husband said that Mother Nature was looking out for me yesterday.

      I don’t know why she decided I needed a second day off though… *looks at the snow and wishes her wand worked to make it go away*

    • Can’t take any credit for this. I think Beth Shaum posted something about a student sharing it with her. I have heard it before, but I totally give credit to the reminder to Beth’s post. I love it, too. :)

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