Celebrate: Time With My Guys

Summer, I have realized, is hardly a less hectic time of year than when school is in session. The dress code is a little more relaxed, but it is a busy time of year. Appointments, extra chores, planning, conferences, vacations, summer camp, online projects, visiting with friends, all the big cleaning projects you say you’ll get to over the summer…

One thing I do appreciate about summer is the chance to get some time alone with my guys. Usually it’s the three of us, but there seems to be more opportunity for some extended time for it to be just me and my husband or just me and my son. It’s time for conversations that aren’t interrupted and doing things that we enjoy together and planning for the future.

Earlier last week Jr Librarian spent some time at summer camp alone, leaving his father and I time to do…something.

“We should go to dinner,” I said on the way home from dropping off our camper.


“I don’t know. Somewhere we don’t usually get to go with him.”

And that’s when we realized how short that list. Most of those places were expensive. So we just decided to go for Chinese food.

In the midst of our dinner conversation, we realized that we’re looking at a milestone anniversary in a couple of weeks: fifteen years together. We talked about how and when we might celebrate it and came to no conclusions just yet. (Though I liked Ruth’s post about the things she and her husband have learned in the last fifteen years. I have been wondering since I read it how ours might look…)

And then we went shopping.

There are few things harder to do than to go clothes shopping for yourself with an eight-year-old boy. (I confess, I have zero experience with eight-year-old girls and shopping, but I have noticed other boys who look like they are my son’s age when I have gone shopping. And I felt just as bad for them as I did their parents. It is utterly counter-productive.) So both of us walked into the department store on Monday night, headed to our separate departments, and met back up with the items we wanted. It was efficient. I realized that we did this last year and suspect that it may become a tradition.

We also spent some time figuring out our summer binge watching plans. It looks like we are probably going to watch (rewatch for me) Sherlock in the evening hours on the deck after we tuck Jr Librarian in each night. We watch shows and movies like we read – we discuss and predict and laugh over and make connections between what we have watched and read and experienced. This is the basis for long conversations all summer long and it’s one of the things I look forward to doing over the summer.

It was only a couple of days Jr Librarian was gone. And now I’m getting ready to hit the road for an adventure with just him. We’re making a week-long journey to Michigan for Nerdcamp and Nerdcamp Jr, with planned stops along the way to see my grandmother. I know we’ll be talking about books. We’ll be listening to books. We scheduled an extra stop on the way home for us to rest and read before heading home. I know he’ll get to be among his people – the taller and the smaller, but Nerdy book-lovers all. He’ll get to meet authors – including a surprise stop today. And we’ll surely end up buying books. (We got a budget from my husband so it will be a brief lesson in accounting as well…)

There’s still some running around to do this morning before we start our trip, but I wanted to write this: I could not be blessed with two better souls to spend my life with. I’m looking forward to the adventures to come with them both – this week, this summer, and beyond.




3 thoughts on “Celebrate: Time With My Guys

  1. I was also thinking about Ruth’s post, because I am also going to be celebrating fifteen years of marriage this year. Happy Anniversary to you! Your planned road trip sounds like so much fun, and so special for your son as well. I wish I were going to be able to make it to NerdCamp, but it is not happening for me this year. Have a great week!

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