Once Upon a Time…

I looked at my calendar yesterday, as I usually do on Sundays, to see what the week would have in store for me. Who is on Nerdy. What are in my plans. What meetings or practices or events do I need to be at or shuttle Jr. Librarian to.

I looked at the schedule for the week ahead and thought, “Yeah! This is going to be great!” because, you know, there are all kinds of fun things that I get to do. Some research. Some presenting. Some Shakespeare stuff that I love! Time to read with them. And dress rehearsals…and THE SHOW!

And then I thought about it for a second or two.

Dress rehearsals.

And the show.


The show is this week and we have late night practices this week and pictures and stuff that needs to get finished and OH MY GOODNESS.

That’s basically like working double shifts straight through for three days in a row.

Not kidding about that either. It’s 10:54 pm and I am finally in my jammies and waiting for that ibuprofen to kick in so that I can go to sleep. I got home maybe a half hour ago.

I was at school a few minutes after 7 this morning.

Once upon a time I did this kind of stuff on a regular basis. My first year of teaching (as a long-term sub) I would teach all day long, Monday through Friday, but three days a week I would work 4-12 at the hospital, grading papers on my dinner break – and then work every other weekend on top of that. Heavens, that kind of schedule continued until Jr. Librarian was about two months old…when I finally realized that I needed to cut back a bit.

Once upon a time, I had a whole lot more energy and needed a whole lot less sleep. (Apparently.)

I’m not feeling so young right now.

But I bet that tonight I will sleep like a baby.


5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time…

  1. I’m not sure how you do that double shift thing. As I’ve gotten older I realize that the minute pick-up time is over and my students are all nestled safely in their cars, I am ready to collapse. If I don’t prepare dinners for the entire week on Sundays, we aren’t eating. May your energy be sky-high this week and may your show be a huge success!

  2. Cindy,
    As someone who used to direct the school play practically by herself, I remember those days well. I gave up the late nights and multiple after school commitments when Molly was born, nearly 13 years ago. I don’t know how I did everything I did back then. Ah… to have the energy of the young again.
    Hope all goes well with your show. Rest when it’s over… you’ll have earned it!

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