Dream Writing Spaces

Ever since I read Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own,” I have dreamed about having some kind of dedicated writing space.

In some daydreams it’s fancy with floor-to-ceiling shelves.

In others, it’s just a space that is away from everything else.

Some days I just think in practical terms – that it needs to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life so that I can at least get a few words in here and there.

This morning I saw two separate posts about writing spaces that made me think about this some more.

The first was that Amtrak is going to offer writing residencies – free long round-trip rides for writers. I know that I love train travel. The clickety-clack of the rails and the anonymity among the passengers. Everyone seems to have something to do – naps to take, books to read, work to do – and it makes it a pretty wonderful environment for encouraging one to get words on a page.

The second was this post by Joli Jensen entitled “My Quest for the Perfect Writing Space” – and thank you to Mark Letcher for sharing it on FB this morning! I felt like I was reading my life…not that we created the same spaces or even wished for them to have the same things, but because I keep waiting for this perfect work environment to encourage me to write.

I know it’s bull spit to wait for something external to encourage one to write. The fact of writing is that it needs to be a habit, a dedication to putting in some seat time and running your fingers along the keys in a purposeful manner or to scrawl across pages in your notebook.

The biggest external factor that you need to control is distractions.

(You don’t get much written with the eight-year-old jumping up and down trying to get your attention. No matter how hard you try.)

The biggest distraction for me isn’t actually the humans – or the pets – in my house. It’s ME. I find everything that I can do other than what I need to do.

So I parked myself as far away from home and it’s piles of distractions as possible: I had my guys drop me off at a cafe far from home (the perfect kind of place – with bottomless coffee mugs and free wifi). Let’s see how much I can get done…

My computer's view

My computer’s view



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