Digital Learning Day 2014

I admit that I didn’t really do much planning to do anything special on Digital Learning Day this year.

Turns out that I didn’t need to because I think my students will likely be putting their digital devices and access to authentic use today thanks to the dreadful weather Mother Nature has blessed us with. (Instead of the snow, we’re looking at slush and sleet and ICE around here. It’s going to be an interesting day in ways I prefer it not be interesting…)

The things I predict my students will be doing online today:

  1. Communication – They will likely be sharing information with one another about what the weather looks like outside and what they are up to and whether they still have power or not. There will be tweets and posts and pictures sent back and forth documenting our day off in a way that I could not have hoped for in the classroom.
  2. Research – Aside from the checking of weather report updates and storm warnings and school delays and closing pages, I’m guessing (though not hoping) that a few may need to look up phone numbers and information about reporting downed powerlines or power outages and possibly how long milk is good without refrigeration.
  3. Entertainment – While I’m hoping that a few will indulge in a good ebook or audiobook that they could score from our local public library online (even if the library is closed), I suspect that they will find ways to pass the time online by watching videos and playing games. (I can’t judge them on this – we’ll probably listen to the same Let It Go video over and over and over again today…unless the power goes out…)

Chances are they are doing these things every day on their devices. They might not be doing it with the focus or meeting the academic goals we set for them, but they are learning online every day.

It’ll be interesting to see what they have to say about their “wild” digital learning day after we get back together in the classroom.


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