While You Were Sleeping…

You know, some days I feel like this not-sleeping-thing is a curse. Other days, I view it as a privilege. After all, had I not been WIDE AWAKE at 4 am this morning, I would never have gotten to do all of this stuff before any of the fellow humans inhabiting this house woke up.

Of course, by lunch time, I was about worn out and I still had things that would require more energy than typing. (Do I ever wish that my Dyson would vacuum the house itself…)

All I could think as I was enjoying the peace and quiet of the house this morning was that this is the way I wanted to spend the beginning of my day. I needed the time and space to read, write, and reflect on the week that was so far and to begin looking forward to the week that will be.


4 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping…

  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only person who wakes at 4 AM and enjoys the chance to catch up on things I enjoy (blog posts, twitter, email) before everyone else is awake. Some of my best teaching ideas come at that time of the day too. Of course, naps are lovely, but I usually do this on a weekday..so not an option! Happy Sunday!

    • Everything seems so abundantly clear at that hour. It starts to slide when my desire for a nap shows up in the middle of the afternoon. There will be plenty of time for napping later. Or an early bedtime…

  2. Yay! More crazies who actually WANT to get up and start the day! I take heat for this from a lot of my colleagues and from my husband, but I don’t know what I’d do without that little piece of peace and productivity in an otherwise manic day.

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