A Final Slice of 2013: Revisiting My One Little Word(s) and My OLW for 2014

My One Little Word for 2013 should have been REVISE.


I wrote one post where I chose the word MOVE. 

Then in August I changed my One Little Word to HABIT.

I wrote a #nerdlution goalonly to change it again in a couple of weeks.

It’s not to say that I didn’t make some positive changes, but I know that I didn’t do nearly what I set out to do.

There never felt like there were enough hours. Or enough energy.

But even when there was “enough” on any given day, I still didn’t feel like I made any kind of dent in the to-do lists I created, no matter how much I moved.

I did okay with starting habits with the beginning of the school year, but I got sick with some miserable bug that threw everything off. And I had a hard time recovering from that.

No matter what though, I felt like I was frazzled in all areas of my life. If I got caught up on my goals for one part of my life, the others fell horribly far behind.

But instead of dwelling on the lackluster results I had in the last 365 days, I would rather look forward to see what I can do next year.

After pondering a whole list of potential words, I happened on one that I thought could be the word that will guide my intentions:


That’s really what I want more than anything else. I want my time with my family. I want to be able to stay on top of to-do list at school. I want to make time for my own personal pursuits – including time to read, time to paint my nails, time to spend on Twitter, time to exercise. I want to keep my house neat and tidy. I want to…

See? This whole wish-list gets out of hand fast.

It doesn’t immediately look like there’s enough time for all of it, but there has to be some way to fit it in without having countless hours lost to whatever black hole seems to be following me. There are 168 hours in every week – there has to be enough time to fit in what’s most important to me.

And that is the key. What is most important to me? How do I want to spend those precious hours each week? What is it I want to be able to accomplish by the end of each week, each month, the entire year? These are the questions that I started with a few weeks ago.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, I looked at a link that Sarah Mulhern Gross shared – a Kickstarter project called The Passion Planner. Then I grabbed an audiobook called 168 Hours at the library.

It dawned on me that the key to doing any of it – to achieving any sense of balance – is planning.

So I built a planner with space to easily keep track of my to-do lists and space to schedule time with my guys and time for me.

Planning is a good place to start, but the next step is the doing.

And I’m ready to do it.


Bring it, 2014!

So how else did I do on my other goals for 2013?

space line


According to GoodReads, I read 106 books…this number counted picture books and I think I had aimed to read 100 books with chapters. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t log some of what I read.

So for 2014, I’m aiming to read at least 100 YA and grown-up books. I will definitely continue reading picture books because they are brilliant. I will also get a whole lot better about recording what I read. (There really isn’t any excuse – all I need to do is scan the bar code with my phone for heaven’s sake!)

space line


I know I have done the Slice of Life Challenge for the past two years and I have enjoyed every day of it. I have done my best to blog on a regular basis, but this is one of the things that continues to get lost of the mix.

Writing every day on my blog is probably not likely. But I think I should aim to do more than I have been. And more regularly. So the goal is to write at least 3 days a week…and perhaps that will be enough to get me to write more – in my notebook and online.

space line


Okay, I had all kinds of plans to work out X many days a week over the past couple of years. I have set out to train for this thing or that thing. I have paid for a gym membership, a locker at the gym, a treadmill at home…

I got a Fitbit Flex this year for my birthday. And I have stored up plenty of “baseline data” on it. It’s time to get off my butt and do something more.

I had Jason – my incredibly patient saint of a husband – make me a treadmill desk today in the hopes that it would help me log some hours and miles in 2014.

(I know that I like multitasking almost as much as crossing things off lists.)

So what’s my ultimate goal? To do my slightly modified version of the challenge my fine friends at the #runteacherrun Facebook group suggested:

  • Run or work out at least 14 times a month in 2014. (This is totally doable!)
  • Post at least 14 times on run teacher run. (This is probably the easiest part…)
  • Run at least 4 “real” or virtual races in 2014. (I have realized that I probably will never appreciate running in races – so I’ll do some virtual races and race myself…)
  • Run at least 400 miles in 2014. (This sounds good. Even if I only work out the 14 days a month, we’re only talking about 2.3 miles per workout, less if I workout more…)

space line

I’m looking forward to the adventures that begin in less than an hour.

Happy New Year, friends!

Please click on the image to go to the Two Writing Teachers blog to see what others have written for their Slice of Life Challenge posts.

Please click on the image to go to the Two Writing Teachers blog to see what others have written for their Slice of Life Challenge posts.

9 thoughts on “A Final Slice of 2013: Revisiting My One Little Word(s) and My OLW for 2014

  1. I could seriously relate to what you shared about balance. I appreciated knowing that I have company when it comes to prioritizing. Thank you for sharing your goals for 2014. Happy New Year! And, bring it (love that)!

    • Thanks, Kristin. I’m thinking that balance is tough for all of us. I know two other friends said they were picking it as their One Little Word. Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. I definitely need a treadmill desk in my life – that is just such a cool idea! As Bonnie said, there is so much t relate to in this slice, especially the need to find balance. Happy New Year, Cindy!

    • Very popular word! I think it’s because it is hard to achieve. The planner is really nice – and she has posted printable weekly pages that you can use.

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