Five Things to Celebrate on 12/21/13

This post is part of a group of posts from teachers around the country who are celebrating our weeks by sharing them in these posts. Click on the image above to see what others are celebrating this week.

This post is part of a group of posts from teachers around the country who are celebrating our weeks by sharing them in these posts. Click on the image above to see what others are celebrating this week.

There are a zillion things I could celebrate over the past TWO weeks (I goofed and didn’t write a celebrate post last week…), but to keep this focused, I’ll just pick 5 things.

1. There is nothing like having a student come to you and tell you that you MUST find more books like This One. I have had several of them stop in my room over the past two weeks clutching books to their chests with the same kind of love I see in small children as they hug their most beloved stuffed animal. They return the book in question and return to my room several times over the course of the day, eagerly asking, “Did you find that book for me yet?” They aren’t confident enough to wander through the books on my shelves or find something on their own yet. Even though they have a list of things that sound interesting, they are looking for something specific. A home run. Just like the last one. The one that had them so wrapped up that they took home and forgot to sleep or eat dinner. The one that made their parents notice something had changed.

2. Christmas celebrations. I know my husband is going to roll his eyes when he sees this one as I am usually quite the Scrooge about the holiday until maybe a day or two before. This year I’m playing Christmas music and we got a tree WAY earlier than usual. I even helped decorate it. We went to see one of the Christmas movies playing at the recently re-opened movie theater in town (something I hope will become a tradition in the years ahead) and I laughed so hard I snorted and cried. We’ve finished our holiday get-togethers already. I enjoyed the half day festivities we had at school on Friday – I even watched most of The Grinch despite my general feelings of irritation every time I hear the name Cindy Lou Who. And I have a great souvenir from the day in the form of a sweet t-shirt that I got for the volleyball team my first period students pulled together for me. And I cheered at the poem that one of my students put together for a special edition of the school announcements. And I’m tickled that we really can sing, “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” now that my son has lost that second front tooth. My husband decided to test the waters on my newfound positive attitude and asked if he could pull a Clark Griswold and decorate the house with 25,000 twinkling lights next year. I smiled and told him he could – as long as we had a leg lamp in the window.

3. MAIL. This is the time of year when you can go to the mailbox and find all sorts of good stuff besides bills and junk mail. Christmas cards and letters from all over – and occasionally BOOKS. I’m especially excited about the fact that Lea Kelley was so adamant that I read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart before anyone wrote any giveaways into their reviews that I found it in my mailbox this week. Thank you, Lea. And thank you to everyone who has brightened my mailbox with notes and pictures and cards.

4. Students who do their best to keep me in the know. I got the opportunity to keep a couple of young ladies company after school while they were waiting for their ride and they kept me in stitches with some hilarious videos (we kept replaying these Super Cafe videos) and they introduced me to this thought-provoking video game. I had to download the demo – and in return share the link for a similar game from back in the Old Days. I have had several recommend books and movies and videos and websites and music and apps in the past few weeks. I have also had several working to explain things to me that I don’t know anything about – one of the things I have realized is that fantasy football is a whole lot more complicated than I thought it was.

5. BREAK. I am so looking forward to spending time with my family and having some time to get reorganized and plan ahead – and to just read. We’ve got all kinds of plans written in for the next 11 days, but some of them are silly adventures like this one: My son and I have a day whole day planned for next week where we’ll eat like hobbits (We won’t be following this brilliant plan, but this is a cool idea.)and read in at least six different locations where we eat. I’m not sure what kind of celebrations I’ll have to share next week, but I’m sure that my day with him will make the list.

I hope your week has been blessed as well.  Enjoy your much needed breaks and holidays with your friends and family.



4 thoughts on “Five Things to Celebrate on 12/21/13

  1. You have some wonderful things to celebrate Cindy. I like fact that you mentioned mail. Ordinarily, not much good stuff comes in the mail, but this time of the year, it is nice to get cards etc. Enjoy your week!

  2. I too tend to be a Scrooge at Christmas. I don’t know why, but I never get the Christmas Spirit until right before also. I appreciate you writing about that because not everyone has the Christmas Spirit right after Thanksgiving. This year our school watched a live production of A Christmas Carol right before break. My 4th graders were laughing every time he said “Bah Humbug” because I say it so often.

  3. I tend to be festive in cycles. Last year I had a great desire for a live tree and all of my ornaments out where I could see them. This year…not so much. I’ll wait for the desire to build up again! Merry Christmas! Happy Hobbit Day!

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