CELEBRATE: Family and Friends


I saw someone post yesterday on Facebook that all of the birthday wishes all day long made his day delightful and special.

I don’t need to wait until my birthday is over today to confirm that sentiment.

To know that someone took even a few seconds to send you a message means that they were thinking about you and that feels pretty awesome.

Social media is wonderful, but I have gotten some great face-to-face birthday wishes, too! Amy surprised me with a card first thing yesterday morning. My parents and my guys took me out for a great dinner last night and I finished it with laughter by watching some TV with my husband. My son woke up bright and early to spend time cuddling with me on the couch and my husband made me breakfast (which I’m lucky to get to experience more often than not) and then he started to tackle an epic to-do list. I heard something about going to dinner and seeing a show yet! And…hopefully doing a bit of book shopping (and reading) in there somewhere. :)

I am absolutely certain that I am blessed because of all these wonderful people I have in my life. And not just the ones who are kind enough to send well-wishes to me today.

A few other highlights I’d like to celebrate from this week:

1. I got to catch up with a student this week for a while and while we talked about poetry and reviewed what we’ve been up to in class, he pointed me to some great things on the internet. One of my favorites is a channel on YouTube called Vsauce – specifically this video:

2. I cannot say enough wonderful things this week about my journalism students. Put a to-do list in front of them and things seem to magically get divvied up and ta-da-ed. They are up for any kind of crazy challenge – apparently including NaNoWriMo. One of my students brought up about our EPIC FAIL at it last year, which led to a long explanation about what NaNoWriMo actually is, and finally a grand decision to participate. Again. I made a classroom on the Young Writers Program called (at their request, I swear!) Minnich’s Minions. And then I signed up again on the big kid site for myself. I didn’t give it much thought before yesterday because I really hadn’t planned on trying again this year. So I’m a bit at a disadvantage – and a ridiculously low word count (can you say ZERO?), but I’m optimistic that I will at least get more written than last year.

3. Remember my hockey-book-requesting student? He’s got a few friends who are looking for titles of football books, hunting books, and a couple looking for all sports. I have talked about sports books being my bookgap challenge (and I am still working on that, just in case you were wondering…I should do an update one day). I challenged them to find me a list of titles that look interesting that I could help them find. I’m happy to say that there is at least one list started and clipped on my board and two of them were huddling around a book someone else grabbed off the shelf for them as a possibility simply based on the title and cover.

4. I am thrilled with the hilarious Halloween video announcements the students in my high school did this week. They even went so far as to road-test some special effects by reporting as floating heads at the end of the week. My favorite though had to be when Edward and Jacob (from Twilight) were reporting. It’s a joy to begin the last class of the day with something to smile about – even the really groan-worthy jokes. 

5. How can you NOT want to celebrate your students coming to check your calendar to see if maybe you could be part of something or help them with something? Can you help me learn to study better? Yep. Can we talk about getting organized? You bet. Can we meet to do that bulletin board over at the public library?  YES! Can we maybe have a 50th anniversary Dr. Who celebration in your room after school? Please??? Hmmm…did you say Dalek sugar cookies? ;) Are you coming to the musical information night? Sure – right after I go vote. :) When are we doing that poetry thing with Ms. Spillane and her students again? Can you help me get my poem ready? Only if you’ll help me with mine!

I hope you have just as much to celebrate in your classroom and your life. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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6 thoughts on “CELEBRATE: Family and Friends

    • Thanks, Holly! I really need to write a delayed post about my awesome last week. There just didn’t seem to be enough hours to squeeze that one in last weekend!

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