The first word that even came to mind to describe this week for me was love.

See, I missed an entire week of school last week and it all started with me returning on Monday to have a series of kids who stopped by my room before first period even started to see if I was back.

That and I found a huge stack of get-well notes from my students on my desk.

They missed me, but probably not as much as I missed being back at school with them.

My guys at home did what they could to help me rest – bringing cough drops and warm honey water and grape Gatorade and letting me sleep whenever sleep found me. My son came to read The Year of Billy Miller to me since my voice has been coming and going.

I missed school again yesterday because I had another doctor’s appointment, so when I ran into students outside Wal-Mart, they were quick to check up on me and see how I was.

I didn’t take any of this lightly.

I was missed and my return was a reason for happiness and appreciation…and not just by me.

I got caught up on all kinds of book love when I came back to the land of the living. In a couple of after school conversations, I heard about students who have already had their parents fork out quite a bit of money on books because they were devouring title after title. (One left my room after we talked with an enormous stack – including a Scott Westerfeld title she didn’t even know existed and a signed copy of Leviathan to just hold…) Another sent me an awesome Friday night email after finishing See You at Harry’s admonishing me for not giving her tissues and explaining how hard it was to get work done after she got to “that part” of the book. I apologized but got her to admit every word was worth it. I ran into a former student who still can’t believe I got him to read – he reminded me that his first words to me last year were something along the lines of, “Books are stupid.” That gave me a good reminder that the ones who aren’t there yet will get there as long as I’m patient and persistent.

I was able to enjoy some book love of my own after being so sick I couldn’t read for more than a week. I finished reading Beautiful Creatures last weekend, started The Rosie Project and Winger this week. I couldn’t be happier to feel the breeze of flipping pages this week. It is good for the soul.

I’m grateful that Ruth Ayres has started this opportunity to focus on JOY. Join us by writing and posting your own celebratory moments from your week on Saturdays – and sharing the link at her blog.


7 thoughts on “CELEBRATE: Love

  1. Cindy,
    Your writing brings me goosebumps tonight. Thank you for taking the time to craft this celebration story. I’m struck how often the most powerful celebrations come through the midst of a struggle. It is not a little thing to teach high school English AND to be missed. You are loved. (I also hope you are on the upswing — what a battle you’ve been in for your health.)

    • We’re a few steps closer to health. Just taking all of it one step at a time. Looks like it could be a wild ride for a while. I’m grateful I have so many who can help me out along the way. Thanks again for the encouragement to write the post!

  2. Glad you are on the road to recovery! And I agree with Ruth, it’s not every English teacher who has kids miss her, or who gets emails from kids who are reading on Friday nights! Looking forward to lots more celebrations!

  3. Any time teachers connect students to books, it’s a reason to celebrate! Hopefully next week you will be celebrating a healthy week!

  4. An email on a Friday night? That is just amazing and wonderful and full of celebration. I’m so glad you were able to find celebrations in the midst of illness. I hope that improves as more celebrations come your way.

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