How to Make This English Teacher’s Day

Know what makes me smile? Having two students come to me giggling with a paper to show me that they’d played Telephone like they’d read about in Page by Paige. Having a student tell me that this is his favorite class because he gets to read and write. Having a student tell me he wants to write a novel, would I like to hear about it? (YES!!!) Or another telling me that the book he read was so amazing that he started it all over again. Or another asking me every day if I have a copy of Living With Jackie Chan yet because she just finished reading Jumping Off Swings on Friday after the football game and she cannot wait to see what happens next. Or that I have a club that is just as delighted about talking about books as I am.

Not every day is full of so many little pick-me-up notes in my journal, but today was.

I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow holds!


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