Day One of Year Ten

I never fail to be revved up for the first day of school. Everything is fresh. Anything feels possible.

I started off that way – and I felt that kick of adrenaline even more since I got my butt out of bed to log a sweaty 1.5 miles on the Evil Machine before school started – but by the end of the day, I remembered how tiring it can be. I’m out of practice and all I could think about was how Gae Polisner asked me how I could do this every day when she came to visit last year.

I guess I just get used to it.

But I sure didn’t feel used to it today.

But even though I’m lounging on the couch giving my poor sore feet a rest (I’ll never be foolish enough to wear high heels to school again!), the excitement is still here.

See, I decided to use an adapted version of Cris Tovani’s Conversation Calendar with my students this year and I’m paging through them and writing back. It’s not taking very long and I’m getting some insight and feedback I’m not sure I would’ve ever gotten otherwise. And I’m learning things about my students’ ability to write, what they find difficult, what they prefer…all in a quick and easy to page through and respond to form.

I’m also delighted that I may have found a way to collect and hand out and hand back papers that requires very little effort. Let’s wait and see if it works. It may be too early to know if it will really work in the long run.

Tomorrow we read. And talk about the reading habits we’ll be cultivating this year and why it’s so important. And I’ll invite them to do the 40 Book Challenge.

So I’m tired tonight but energized for the year.


6 thoughts on “Day One of Year Ten

  1. My energy in class has been fine for these first few days, but my voice is shredded. I don’t talk all that much–or at least I didn’t think I did–but it’s sure ragged by the end of the day after a pretty quiet summer.

    Have a great year, Cindy. I’ll be following along with your adventures!

    • My throat has been bothering me anyway lately, but it was killing me by the end of the day. Less talking, more reading, more writing for tomorrow at least. Glad I’m not the only one who had this problem!

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