Trying to Do ALL the Things – A Slice of Life Post

I am a list-making fool.

I have sticky notes all over my desk, a pretty paper calendar in my bag, and an app on my phone to keep me on top of all the stuff I want to accomplish. My phone warbles a dozen times a day at least with alarms or reminders for one thing or another.

Today’s list looked something like this:

  • Email kid at camp
  • Dog medicine
  • Laundry
  • Put away laundry*
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Car to garage
  • Posts for YALit101 this week
  • Post Nerdy
  • Catch up on Teachers Write! posts
  • Write Slice of Life
  • Go to the library/renew books
  • Catch up on email
  • #bookaday
  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Recycling
  • Phone calls/messages RE plans
  • Write post about visiting #EMWP last week
  • FINISH tech email to CAWP SI

I have had a couple of days at home without my usual summer sidekick talking my ear off about Pokemon or Minecraft or how cool Sherry’s son’s Lego videos are or where Mr. Schu and Babymouse are on their travels. He’s at summer camp until tomorrow and I had hoped I’d get a lot more done than I would on any other day. I did get a good number of these crossed off – and there is something intensely satisfying about crossing anything off a to-do list.

But at 10:30 PM, some of them (including this post – and the three things at the bottom of the list) have been bugging me but they haven’t quite gotten finished to my satisfaction yet…and are therefore still on my list for tomorrow.

I had to smile when a friend posted online about her mantra being “You can do ALL the things.” It was like holding a mirror to myself…and I stopped to remind her (and myself) that we are not superhuman…and we need to give ourselves the okay to not get as much done as we had planned.

It’s life.

And tomorrow…I’ll get some more stuff crossed off.

Please click on the image to go to the Two Writing Teachers blog to see what others have written for their Slice of Life Challenge posts.

Please click on the image to go to the Two Writing Teachers blog to see what others have written for their Slice of Life Challenge posts.

* Yes, I like crossing things off so much that I will add that extra step just to have one more thing to cross off my list. Sad, isn’t it?


11 thoughts on “Trying to Do ALL the Things – A Slice of Life Post

  1. Oh Cindy – I so love this post. I even go so far as to add things that weren’t on my list but that I completed so I can cross them off and feel better about the day. I started slicing last week and though I just got my Slice post up now I was determined to do it. So glad I did because that was how I found your post. :-)

    • I was glad I posted late so I could see your post! (I saw it in the comments before I saw it on Facebook.) I did add a few things to my list after they were done. I didn’t put them on here though – I have been known to do dumb things like “put on sneakers.” Desperation… Today will be better. The Boy comes home today.

  2. This is so perfect. It really is like looking in a mirror. I make ALL the lists, I check off ALL the things and wear that superhero cape like a badge of honor (though it’s torn and tattered and likely needs repairing, I’ll save that for another day/list). Life. We just do the best we can, don’t we? And then get up and go at it again. I got next to nothing done today, I’m way behind on everything, but I also announced my very first picture book deal and felt like I was on cloud nine. Life is nothing short of a roller coaster. ;) Love it.

    • I saw your announcement! Congratulations! I did better yesterday than the day before, but in fairness to myself, I wasn’t exactly sitting around doing nothing. I just tend to have eyes bigger than my clocks can accommodate comfortably when I make my to do lists. That awesome cloud nine feeling is addictive and feels so worth the running ragged and feeling behind. As long as we work in breaks, pay attention to the important stuff (relationships trump housekeeping 95% if the time) and realize we can’t cross it all off, I think we’re going to be alright.

  3. I am a list-addict as well, and you’re right — the plan is best used as a guideline, a goal that’s in need of constant revision. For me, this keeps it positive and productive instead of a source for self-admonishment (though that happens sometimes).

    Just cut things from today’s list and pasted them to tomorrow’s. And, I’m doing slice responses at 2 am. But I had a great conversation with a close friend that stretched past midnight, so more important things than my list took precedence. And there is tomorrow. We all live to fight another day!

    Happy crossing-off! :)

    • The phone calls were really 3 different calls — the emails were to a zillion different people it felt like. And I wouldn’t have traded a minute I spent on talking to my friends no matter the forum. Those things moved near the top of the list and the rest could be worked around. The app I use makes it pretty easy to move things from one day to the next, but it keeps me honest. (It’ll tell me how many days I’ve put it off…) Lists are an awesome tool for helping me remember stuff. I try not to give myself hassle about not getting it all done. Some of the this are on the Someday List and it’s just nice when they get crossed off.
      Commenting on Slices will happen later today. First priority is picking up my son this morning and hearing all about his adventures!

  4. Love this post! I also make this type of list and add very small things to it so that I can cross them off. Putting laundry away is absolutely a separate task. Mine stays nicely folded in the baskets unless I make an extra effort to get it where it needs to go. Your list is a LONG list and you should feel good that you accomplished what you did. We all give ourselves way too much to do and not enough credit for what we do get done.

    • You should see my smile right now. I managed to get more done in 20 minutes this afternoon than I got done in half the day yesterday. Wow. It’s amazing what happens when motivation kicks in. ;)

  5. I can completely relate to your lists! I’ve got 2 or 3 of my own going this summer and I have to confess, I’m not doing a very good job of crossing tasks off of them! On the other hand, I have read some wonderful books and spent time with family and friends. My lists will still be there tomorrow!

    • I am apparently (from your comment and others) in very good company on this one. :) I have read some amazing books – and I had a lovely book-reading date with my son today after I picked him up at camp. I came home refreshed and motivated – and did the laundry and put a ton of stuff away in 20 minutes. I think it was because I gave myself the blessing to just enjoy my time with him first..and then worry about the rest of it later.

  6. Oh, I’ve got my lists too! Every where are sticky notes and new ones started on my phone too. I like crossing off as well — if I get a task accomplished and it’s not on my official “to do” list, I will add it just so I can cross it off! I’m finding this summer that things are also taking a lot longer to accomplish. Not sure why that is – slowing down, taking my time, not trying to rush, getting older (ha!), but it is what it is. We will get what we need to get done and there is always tomorrow!

    Good luck with your lists!

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