Summer Camp Slice

Just about every year since Bryson was born, my husband and I have spent quality time as part of Hartman Center, the beautiful outdoor ministry home of our church. When we started, he was directing Jaws, Paws, and Claws – a camp for third and fourth graders that focused on learning more about the creatures of God’s creation. (One of these camps is where we learned about what wonderful pets rats make – and where we met the breeder of our now-long-gone-but-never-forgotten rat babies Crikee and Knowledge. But that’s a whole different post.)
This week we’re here directing a family camp. This is the second time we’ve done Family Camp and with the exception of two new campers, we have most of the same group as last year.
(I’m guessing that means they had as much fun as we did last year.)
It’s been soggy and it’s rained more than I can ever remember it raining at summer camp so despite great timing (my husband’s gift – he chose our hiking time and pool time and crafts time which both seemed to work yesterday without any interruption – no rain/thunder during hiking and swimming and driving rain while we were in the craft building), we’ve had to be flexible with our plans. Last night we decided to be reasonable and pay heed to the darkening skies and rumble of thunder. Staying indoors and playing games and watching a movie didn’t really seem like ideal camp activities – we can do them at home – but sometimes you just need to go with the flow.
No one seemed to mind.
The reason we’re here has little to do with the weather or even what we do. We’re here to get away from our normal routines for a few days, to spend time with our loved ones, to make new friends, and to appreciate all the Lord has given us a little more than the day before.
So even though I’m here reflecting on this alone while gaining a better appreciation for God’s fine creation of ICE and the way our bodies heal (There was a close encounter for me with nature on the way back down the mountain from our hike yesterday.), I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here.


9 thoughts on “Summer Camp Slice

  1. What a blessing for those children. And what a fantastic way to “get away” and spend time with the Creator. Praise God for ice and healing. Have a great week.

    • This camp ends after breakfast today – Family Camp and Grandparent/Grandchild Camp and Getting Started (for our youngest campers) are all half week camps. We started on Sunday afternoon. I love the idea of these camps, but a half week feels so short…

  2. I am happy for anyone who has great times at camp! My memories of camping always included rain and cold (and of course out door facilities). Today I only like camping with indoor facilities:)

  3. There is the mind and outlook of a great teacher here. Simple wisdom is the most profound, but often the easiest to lose sight of. Your thankfulness and perspective are a fine model for us all!

    • It’s good to have this written down so that hopefully the lesson stays beyond my time here. It feels so much easier to remember this, to focus on this here at camp than it is in the everyday rat race of our lives at home. I do go back and read what I write here occasionally so maybe it’ll help. :)

  4. Simply being away from home and spending time with loved ones is what makes a big difference. It’s good to get away, even if you’re still doing “at home” activities like watching a movie or playing games :)

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