Sunshine #Slice – 30 of 31

I should be grateful that my plan for the day got all messed up.

I was going to stay inside all day and cross some more work off my to-do-list – with one outside trip to get a replacement driver’s license. It was supposed to be one quick trip, barely long enough for me to bother firing up my audiobook.

Turns out that I had to drive a bit farther to get that license. I managed to log a couple more hours of my audiobook and made a couple of side trips to acquire a couple of sweaters and a pair of dress shoes.

But what I loved more than anything was being outside in the beautiful sunshine. In the car, I felt like one of the cats, stretching to where the sun was brightest to feel it on my skin.

Oh, Sun, how I have missed you!

By the time I was home, I could feel that I was smiling (Amazing what kind of effect the spring weather can have on you!). I was able to stay outside for a bit longer to witness my son riding his new bike.*

I can’t say I got as much done as I would have liked, but I did cross that one big thing off.** And I recharged a bit.


*That ended in a bit of a wreck with a kid who was less than happy about his newly acquired “wounds” – until I reminded him of our conversation the other night about another scrape that had scabbed over. I told him then that he was becoming part dragon. His eyes grew big and he grinned that, “That means I’m part cat!” I guess he does listen to me and my silly rants to the cats about how they are dragon descendants. He doesn’t necessarily remember to turn his bedroom light off or to put his toys away when I tell him to, but he remembers about how cats are evolved dragons…go figure.

**It’s far better to cross this off than to say, “Well, you see, Officer, I don’t exactly have my license. As soon as I get to Harrisburg and get it reprinted, I’ll let you see it…”


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