One Thing at a Time – #Slice 25 of 31

There is nothing like a good bug to slow you down when you need it most.

Or least.

I was looking at my to-do list for the next couple of weeks and it caught my breath to see what all I need to get done.

It’s the kind of list that makes you not want to do anything because you don’t know where to start.

Except I woke up yesterday and today feeling miserable – and I knew I needed to be reasonable about what I could accomplish.

So I picked one thing to do, knowing that when I got that done, I could pick one more thing to start if I had the energy.

The to-do list is a whole lot closer to ta-da because of this approach.

None of this is new to me. I know that I need to just focus on one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking like crazy.

That doesn’t always mean I follow my own advice.

For instance, my students yell at me for all the tabs I have open on my browser at any given time at school.

They should see me at home.

A Nerdy window is open. So is Goodreads. And my Gmail and Google Calendar pages. There’s a link from Sarah from last night that I want to look at a little more closely. That page of CEs for my pharmacy tech certification renewal (due at the end of the month). Hootsuite. A link from Sara from Facebook. Facebook. And a page about an app for my husband’s iPad.

And this page where I’m typing.

That’s just my computer stuff. You should see the to-do list of offline stuff. (Or the what-I’m-currently-reading list…)

I guess if the focus-on-one-thing-at-a-time strategy is good, maybe I should do the same thing with everything…


7 thoughts on “One Thing at a Time – #Slice 25 of 31

  1. I love your line that this usually happens when you need it most … or least.

    Perhaps its a reminder. Only do what you can. Prioritize. Put yourself first.
    Relax a bit. It will all be there when you get better.

    Take Care of Yourself!

  2. I’m exactly like you. Right now I have the following tabs open on my computer. Facebook, Your Blog Post, Goodreads, Blackboard (I’m grading), Tumblr, a 2nd Goodreads page. Plus, I have my iPad set up watching some Absolutely Fabulous episodes on Amazon Prime Instant Videos. Thanks for the post.

    • Oh no! We could be twins! I have a habit of “watching” Netflix videos on my tablet or phone while doing other work. (I just realized that I actually have two computers open and on…I didn’t include those tabs in here because that would make me look REALLY bad…especially if I mentioned that earlier I was listening to an audiobook on my phone, too!)

  3. Right now I have 17 tabs open on five different windows. After reading your slice and all the terrific comments, it sounds like that’s normal. So I am feeling way better about my NORMAL habits.

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