Cough Cough – #Slice 22 of 31

I thought we teachers were supposedly blessed with super immune systems. After all, we get exposed to a gazillion germs and only get sick once in a while.

But not this winter.

I feel as though my Facebook posts and my blog posts – and even my tweets sometimes – end up centering around some aspect of my health: a rash of migraines, the hope that I am not going to be taken down by that nasty GI bug my kid had, a sinus infection and ear infections.

I thought I would escape any illness this week – except yesterday I had a migraine triggered (which didn’t seem to hang on too long – a true blessing) and today I ended up with a cough and a scratchy throat by the end of the day. (I heard one of my students coughing in the hall – and he’d been coughing for a while – and joked that he shouldn’t have shared it with me. He told me good luck since he had already been sick with it for two weeks…great…)

I worked at my desk at school until I realized I was feeling too chilly and too uncomfortable to stick around any longer. So I’m home, in my jammies, and huddled under an afghan. Jason got me some wonton soup (which did wonders for my poor throat) and I have resolved that the rest of the pile of papers can wait until tomorrow.

Or until my insomnia kicks in around 2 am.

So I might not have the most impressive immune system, but it does seem to allow germs to have appropriate timing…like getting sick at the end of the day on a Friday instead of Monday morning.


8 thoughts on “Cough Cough – #Slice 22 of 31

  1. So sorry. Teaching is so hard when you don’t feel good. I’ve had a 14 days, with only 4 days of good health, So It is 9 pm and I’m off to bed! Probably earlier then all my students!

  2. I feel like we have gone into illness overdrive this year at my school. There has been something nasty going around! Hard to stay well!

  3. My sympathy… I am in the sick boat with you. Missed two days, went back (read:dragged myself) and all I heard all day was “you look awful” gee thanks. I showered and everything …rest up!

  4. So many of us have been hit this year! I haven’t taken a sick day in years but got that nasty head cold where my head weighed a hundred pounds and my brain quit working. I lucked out too and got it on Friday…but I still had to take Monday off. Good luck! Lots of sleep, lots of water and lots of luck to you!

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