An Awesomely Surreal #Slice of Life – 19 of 31

Some days I feel like I must have the most active imagination ever.

After all, I have had so many awesome things happen in the past couple of years that I can hardly believe my good fortune.

And by my good fortune, let me say that most of this has to do with the people I have been blessed enough to meet. The people I consider my rock stars. The educators who help shape my thinking and my practice. The colleagues who encourage me to do more, try harder, and not to give up. The authors who make sure I have more than enough amazing stories to share with my students. I have been reading their books and blog posts. I have been following their tweets.

Somewhere along the line, I grew some courage and spoke up.

Somehow I managed to say the right thing and my rock stars became my friends.

And some have even braved coming to visit me here in Central PA. (You are one brave soul, Gae. And I am eternally grateful for your in-person visit with my students!)

And now – about three years later and an amazing 15 months into this adventure called Nerdy Book Club – I feel like I need to pinch myself daily.

So my latest awesomely surreal moment is in the form of another blog post – this one at Kirby Larson’s blog. The author of Hattie Big Sky and The Friendship Doll and Hattie Ever AfterYes, that Kirby Larson. She asked me to be part of her Teacher Tuesday series and I couldn’t say no.  Go check it out. But don’t laugh too hard at how funny looking I was as a kid. (No one should have ever let me get that perm. I forgive you for letting me do it, Mom.)

It’s wild to see something you’ve written show up on someone else’s blog. There’s a lag and a foreign look to the whole thing. I think I now have a better idea of how it must feel to post on Nerdy – to have sent your words off to someone else to post and share with the world.

And, hey, if my heroes aren’t really my friends or if that link there is just made-up, don’t pinch me too hard to wake me up, okay?


3 thoughts on “An Awesomely Surreal #Slice of Life – 19 of 31

    • See? Another pinchable moment…and before I went to bed! I don’t really feel like a rock star.
      YOU are on my list of rock stars. Something tells me that you don’t think of yourself that way either. ;)
      Meeting everyone has been one of the coolest things ever. There really is something incredible about finally finding where you feel like you belong.

  1. I’ve been following you since I got “involved” with the TWT, Nerdy Book Club, twitter…all that stuff. It means my house is a little dirtier, my laundry piled a little higher, and my world so my bigger and happier. I think you are great and even though I am not in Pennsylvania. I feel like I “know” you… a community where we really do “fit in” :)

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