Sunday #Slice – 17 of 31

Sundays used to be a day of visiting when I was younger. We’d go to my grandmother’s for dinner and maybe play some cards or watch an old movie on TV and definitely raid the candy dish.

Once we moved when I was in high school, there wasn’t much visiting going on – it was all about getting stuff done. And it stayed that way for a LONG time.

That probably sounds bad coming from a preacher’s kid (or maybe not since this show graced the airwaves) since Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.

In high school, “stuff” was mainly homework. In college, it was homework and laundry. Once I was married, it was laundry and grocery shopping. These days it’s often homework, laundry, grocery shopping, and taking out the trash. Sometimes that’s in addition to going visiting.

We’d already gone to see my in-laws yesterday and ran a bunch of errands then. Today we skipped our usual lunch date with my parents because Mom got the icky bug my son had this week. Dad took the kid with him to follow through on Mom’s original plans to meet with my mother-in-law for basket bingo. So we have a quiet household in which to get work done.

I’ve been thinking about that work though this weekend. I wrote to someone yesterday that our work fills the amount of time we allot to it – and I’m thinking I need to test that statement. I have been running around like a maniac and feel like I have gotten little accomplished over the past couple of weeks. I’m setting a timer and diving in as soon as I hit PUBLISH on this post.

No sense prolonging the inevitable.

It’s Sunday and there’s stuff to be done.


8 thoughts on “Sunday #Slice – 17 of 31

  1. My slice of life post today is also about my Sundays as a child. I miss those visiting Sundays. Living far away from my family means no visiting, but I still remember those cherished Sundays. Hope you get your work done and get to enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. I have begun making Saturday the day to relax. I used to plan to relax on Sunday and work on Saturday, but then I realized that 1) work is NEVER finished–there is ALWAYS something else you can do, so I would work on Sunday too, and 2) the Sunday night blues come every Sunday night because it’s Sunday and they would interrupt my relaxing time. Now I relax on Saturday and put my Sunday night blues to good use by preparing for the week all day on Sunday. win-win

  3. You have motivated–this is my last comment at Starbucks. I am done with my presentation for today, and I am going to go home and be with family and try to do something outside with them. Thanks.

  4. The time of resting on Sunday is a thing of the past and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could recapture it (at least at little). Since being semi-retired, I do get to “rest” on Sunday and just do my things – reading, crocheting, card making, etc. Hope you got everything accomplished and if not, well, there’s always next weekend.

  5. You are so right about work and time. I’m bad for letting it swallow me, and as a result alternate between hyper-productive and not so much. Am getting better at setting limits and timelines and sticking to them, though.

    Sundays are a big school work day, filled with anxieties about getting things done for tomorrow (this rarely exists on Saturday). I did have a phase, though, where I went out and did something on Sunday night, just to relax before the week. It was good while it lasted, but eventually inevitably “stuff” took over…

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