A #Slice Update – 14 of 31

Have you ever watched everything you just did disappear before your eyes? My phone just spontaneously deleted my entire post. I would attempt to recreate it, but in all honesty, I lost the image that kind of kept it all together (phone deleted that, too). The only reason I even wrote on my phone is because my computer was attempting to run updates (the nerve!) when I wanted to write. And after a long evening of reconstructing and updating lost teaching materials (which somehow disappeared from my files at school some time ago), the idea of reconstructing and updating a post because of an update wore me out. I’ve been thinking about what wears me out and wears me down – and what builds me up enough to keep going – since I saw Beth’s blog post this week. Despite my previous statements, those updates to my materials and my teaching – those adjustments I make based in response to my students – are energizing. The updates I make to my classroom practices based on what I learn from my colleagues far and near, with what they’ve written in emails, in books, on blogs, on Twitter and Facebook. What wears me out on nights like tonight is that never-ending to-do list. No matter how many things I “ta-da!” and cross off the list, there seem to be a zillion more added every time I blink. And when I get to that point, I know nothing else is getting done tonight. Best to do some updating and recharging of my own to be ready for tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “A #Slice Update – 14 of 31

  1. Losing your work, HORRIBLE! I so know that feeling and I am one of those obsessed backup types but even backing up wouldn’t help this. HORRIBLE but bravo to you for continuing and creating a new post.

  2. Oh no! I’ve been here before and feel your pain! I’m impressed you hung in there and wrote a post anyway. I’ve decided that as a teacher, the list will never end. There is always something else you can do. The trick is in deciding what is most i

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