Another Tuesday #Slice

Tuesdays are days that just seem to be made for meetings.
Formal meetings with emailed calender events.
Informal meetings over coffee.
Student meetings, colleague meetings, parent meetings, admin meetings.
Drop-by-and-look-for-a-book meetings.
Stop-in-the-hallway-on-your-way-somewhere-else meetings.
Houston-we-have-a-problem meetings.
Problem-solving meetings.
My favorite meeting – by far – was the catch-up-on-your-day meeting in our kitchen over dinner and homework and remnants of our days apart.


4 thoughts on “Another Tuesday #Slice

    • I’m not sure why Tuesdays seem to get the brunt of this meeting stuff. And I guess I’m talking more the organized, scheduled meetings. I love having the “Help me pick a book!” meetings with the kids (I guess it’s not always just the kids though…no complaining here!) who drop by my room.

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