The Nothing-Fancy #Slice – 7 of 31


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Today was an

I taught classes.
I downloaded an audiobook for a student.
I led discussion.
I conferred with students about their papers and doing citations.
I introduced my students Romeo and Juliet as though they were old friends.
I read a former student the riot act about his grades and congratulated a student on her stellar test score in another class.

I ate lunch in the faculty room.
I went to a meeting.
I caught up about a former student.

I cleaned off my desk, reshelved my books, and wrote Just-in-Case sub plans.

Home. My favorite dinner. Quiet conversation.

I am now curled up in jammies, writing this before I sleep.

A little prayer is sent up that I can do this all again tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “The Nothing-Fancy #Slice – 7 of 31

  1. “Be satisfied in what you do, not disappointed in what you didn’t do.” I read those words in a Bible commentary and wrote them on a sticky note to keep on my computer. I tend to be disappointed with what I was able to accomplish each day, but when I read your list I recognized much of my day also and realized: WOW! that’s a LOT of stuff! Apparently, we’ve all earned a good rest tonight. Sleep well.

    • I just posted and am also headed to bed and also posted about being tired. What is it with us teachers…we must start giving ourselves more credit for the monumental things we accomplish each day and we MUST give ourselves more rest and play outside of the classroom. Sweet peaceful dreams to all of us tonight!
      Thanks for sharing!

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