Sunday Night Routines – #Slice 3 of 31


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Sundays have their own routines. Breakfast and a glance over the Sunday paper, church, Sunday School, lunch with my parents, a trip to see my in-laws (although lately it’s been the guys going without me so I have some time and space to get caught up on school work or things that need to get done around the house), then collecting up the trash to be put out.

Today didn’t follow much of any of this.

Jason was still feverish and feeling generally yucky.

Jr. Librarian slept in after a long busy day yesterday – a three-mile hike with his dad in the morning and finishing up with going to see Oklahoma! at my high school (and getting back long after his bedtime). There was no way I was going to wake him up before he was ready.

So when he didn’t wake up until 8:45, I was pretty sure that church was out and that the routines might get thrown off pretty badly.


I decided just to go with the flow and didn’t worry about the rest of it.

So we had lunch with my parents, left the kid with them so we could go do some serious grocery shopping, then had “junk food night” – a tradition from my mom’s family – and played a zillion games of UNO with my folks.

It was, overall, a relaxing day. A long overdue day of just relaxing.

Tomorrow will be an off-routine kind of day again – an inservice day instead of an instructional day. I’m hoping that I find some relaxation in looking back on the day at this time tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Sunday Night Routines – #Slice 3 of 31

  1. Our Sunday routines lately have included long trips to Wegmans. Today was no different. However, I didn’t cook tonight. I treated myself to a night off by buying prepared foods. What a relaxing night it was not to cook. (Though I do love it.)

    I’m glad you had a relaxing day. You deserve more of them, Cindy!

    • It would be nice, but I think in order to get more, I need to step it up and get ahead of the to-do list instead of just barely getting things done. Then I’d be good for a few days in a row of just relaxing. Without anything hanging over me.

  2. I love Sundays for reading and writing. Today, though I had to play in the yard as that round star in the sky came shining through the clouds.

  3. I think sometimes those days without routine make us appreciate all the more those days with routine! Although, with our family, we have more days without routine than with! I envy you the comparable calm :-)

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