Saturday Morning Thinking

This Saturday morning was a bit lazier than the last few have been. Sleeping in, wandering around in lazy wear and slippers, reading posts on my phone and drinking coffee.

And reading some of the gems I found to my husband.

When I saw Teri Lesesne’s post I do not think that word means what you think it does… , I couldn’t help but read it aloud over the breakfast table to my husband.

(For the record, this is a regular occurrence no matter whether we’re eating or somewhere else. I read to the sweet man all the time…on whatever seems interesting at the moment. Also read this morning, Libba Bray’s post about her weekend writing retreat.)

I shared Teri’s post at first glance because we had to all have been watching The Princess Bride last night – I could tell that from the title of her post. The post was more about Louise Rosenblatt and reader-response theory and CCSS than The Princess Bride, but Teri’s frustration about the way the RESPONSE in CCSS has little to do with transactions with the text is something I can easily relate to. I realized I was still reading even though this was probably not something Jason (my husband) would have really been interested in but I was close to finishing so I just finished it.

“How do you read without anything else you have ever read, known, experienced before reading it influencing your understanding of it?” I whined. (Note: Give me more coffee in the morning before you allow me to read anything that will get me wound up about CCSS…)

“Doesn’t make any sense to me either,” he said.

While my mind was rattling through a zillion different arguments about why I *know* that this doesn’t work, the word “Vocabulary” floated into the air.

Not by me.

Good God.

He’s right. There is no way to NOT interact with the text. It’s all dependent on our understandings of the words being used. And all of that is brought to the text from our prior experiences.

Even if your working definition of “inconceivable” doesn’t quite match with the rest of the world.

I have some more fodder for writing floating around in my head because I am blessed to be around people who fuel my brain*. Even on a Saturday morning.

*Including that good-looking saint of a husband of mine. :)


One thought on “Saturday Morning Thinking

  1. Love it! I think it’s absolutely insane that anyone can think prior experience can be just put aside…. ummm…. that’s not the way our brains work. Duh. EVERYTHING we experience becomes part of how we see the world from that point on. Honestly, who wrote this garbage?

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