Today Feels Like a Holiday

I have been looking forward to today for a long time.

I was giddy when I found out that I wouldn’t have to keep checking my phone during my lunch and prep periods to see what was going on because I could definitely get one of the virtual seats for the Great Big Announcements taking place in Seattle this morning because I could watch it with my students.

And I’d email the Jr. Librarian all the excitement so he could see it when he got home.

But then Mother Nature swooped in and we ended up with an Ice Day. For both of us.

So instead of watching with a room full of teenagers and one excited teacher’s aide, I’ll be watching it with a really really REALLY excited first grader.

While we’re snuggled up on the couch still in our PJs.

(At 11 AM EST. Don’t judge.)

I know no matter who wins, there were some incredible books that I fell in love with last year. Same for my son. Ditto for my students. Our lists of favorites are varied. If you put any 15 of us in a room and had us attempt to name the best of the best, it would be a struggle.

And we’d love not one of those titles we loved before any less.

But I read Kate Messner’s beautiful poem again this morning – the one she wrote for the authors and illustrators who don’t get the shiny sticker – and I kept thinking about how authors don’t necessarily get to experience what we do every day at school. We teachers and librarians are fortunate enough to overhear the, “You have GOT to read  this!” and the “The best book I’ve ever read…” and see the pages turned furiously, eyes wide with focus, drawing in every detail of the world they’re seeing for the first time – or the hundredth.

We need an Author/Illustrator Appreciation Day.

Or better yet WEEK.

And what better week to have it than this week?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to flood our favorite authors with those stories, those images, those overheard words, and the realities that – award or no award – their books have created readers?

Cheer on your favorites, celebrate the winners, and thank the authors of the books you love for the magic they have given us.



7 thoughts on “Today Feels Like a Holiday

  1. What a great idea! This is the 2nd year in a row I’ve had a snow or ice day and have been able to watch the awards. Pretty exciting. And no judging, I’ll be in my pj pants, cuddling the dog as the announcements are made. Maybe today should just be declared a holiday :)

    • I think it IS a holiday for us Nerdy Book Club members. :) Officially having the day off (the jammies part is a SWEET bonus) would be cool but I still think it would have been fun to watch with my students. Looking forward to talking with them about it tomorrow.

  2. I love this idea! It would be cool to feature our students’ different favorites and recommendations on our blogs this week :). They can be our version of the shiny sticker (especially if we tweet the posts out to the authors).

  3. Thank you for your post and the link to Kate’s poem. This day is hard for many because as authors, we can’t figure out the magic formula to make a committee love our book. We put too much pressure on ourselves because we want to please our publishers. We want them to back us more because most award-books are not the ones you see on the end caps of your local chain bookstore. Many of us have written for years/decades and can still barely pay the mortgage.

  4. “We need an Author/Illustrator Appreciation Day.”
    Yes, we do! I know of the perfect blog to host it: NERDY BOOK CLUB!

    BTW: We showered as soon as we woke up and then I put PJs on again since Isabelle’s school was closed. I put her in fleece pants, which are the next best thing to PJs.

    Happy ice day!

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