Some Days…

Some days you know are going to be the kind you wish you could’ve stayed in bed.

Yesterday started that way. I dreamed that the cat puked on me (on the covers) in bed and found that I took that as a sign to get out of bed early and go find other things to do like clean the guinea pig cage and gather the trash together. Turned out it wasn’t a dream – the cat really did throw up – but I was grateful to have the good (unconscious) sense to get out of bed when I did and the rest of the day went better than you would’ve expected with a start like that.

Today actually started off similarly and I should’ve taken it as the sign it was. (I really am not a superstitious person, but hear me out…) It was 3:45 AM. I was sleeping soundly because I sleep like the dead. I heard, “How could you possibly have slept through THAT?!” I mumbled something that was supposed to sound like, “Sleep through what?” when I was informed by my husband that the dog has taken it upon himself to shred my favorite running skirt (which has been more loungewear lately than practical accessory) as I slumbered.

Then I was awake. And five minutes later, my husband was snoring.

So I wander around on Facebook and the internet on my phone, played a game of Bejeweled, checked the time again, and wondered if I would be able to fall asleep before my alarm went off when I got an opportunity to help a friend with the wording on her proposal.

After that and two more games of Bejeweled, I was ready to fall asleep again.

And I did.

Only to wake up with 30 minutes to get ready for our inservice day.


So I started out grouchy.

I don’t think that this is what led to me wishing I could’ve stayed in bed, but it sure as anything didn’t help. It just made me more grouchy as the day went on when I encountered things that would otherwise make me just close my eyes, count to 10 or 20 or 50, focus on my breathing and let it go.

Which all led to bad decision number 2: no lunch. I was too irritated and didn’t want to do the drive-in alone and no one was home to eat with there, so I skipped it.

So then I was hangry on top of grouchy. Smart move, Cindy.

I wish that I’d had Gae Polisner there to tell me this bit of wisdom she shared after my long, grouchy day:

“What I tell my kids: you can start over today. Each minute is a brand new shiny blank slate from which you can move forward however you wish. Go to it, lovely.”

I’m working on it, Gae. I promise. And tomorrow will be a whole new day. And better than that, Wednesday will mark a whole new semester.

I’m taking it minute by minute.

But I’m hoping not to be woken up by anything yucky tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Some Days…

  1. Waking up to cat puke is never a good way to start the day; I’ve been there. I love Gae’s advice. I’ll have to post that somewhere in my classroom. I hope you have a better day! :)

    • Cat puke is nasty; I’m sorry you have to know that firsthand. On the other hand, Gae’s advice was far too good to not share with the wider world. Tomorrow has to be better.

  2. *blushes* this bit of advice was a little revelation i had privately myself a few weeks ago, while i was swimming (of course). Then I had occasion to share it with my kid. It suddenly feels so powerful to me. Forget the old saying, “tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.” It’s really that next shiny moment. The last few weeks I have been living this way. Reminding myself that the next minute — even the next second — is a whole clean slate with every bit of potential in the world, there for my changing, growing and taking.

    • Love that you were able to come up with that revelation a couple of weeks ago AND be on FB at just the right time to post that response to me. *I* needed to hear that in a big way. Of course, I saw what was on my computer – engraved there maybe three years ago? – “No better place than here/no better time than now” – how quickly I forget my own advice.

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