365 – 2?

I am figuring that I’m not alone in making New Year’s Resolutions that involve doing something every day.

(I should be working on that working out every day thing, but that needs some work. A dose of realism reared its ugly head after a trip to the gym a week or so ago… Too bad, too. I have a cool new bag I was going to use to take to the gym in the mornings. I think I’ll figure it out. It just might take some more adjustments…)

One of the every day things I have been trying to do – besides bog down my Facebook friends with a picture a day – is to post here.

I wanted to write more – and I have been.

Even when the internet was down – which has kept me from posting here a couple of days out of sheer frustration with writing it on my phone – I was writing.

Last night I resorted to pen and paper last night to get my writing captured for a blog post – which I was able to post in picture form.

Even though I have been writing, I’m a bit bummed that I missed my It’s Monday post and my Slice of Life post this week – I was tired and didn’t want to try to assemble them on that little tiny screen. It seems lame to post them now – I’ll just catch up next week.

What I do know is that there will be at least 365 posts by the end of this year on this blog.

(And I promise not all of them will be about my goals for the year.)

I have felt more reflective and encouraged by writing here daily in the last couple of weeks.  It’s a bit addictive, if you ask me.

I guess that writing and reading are not really addictions to worry about.

(Unless your my son tugging on my sleeve to tell me it’s time to go home – whether we have internet there or not.)

Those of you who keep blogs – what keeps you going? I feel invigorated right now, but I wonder how I’ll feel about this in a few months. Will I feel burned out? Will I see this as just ONE MORE THING I need to do?


5 thoughts on “365 – 2?

    • So far that’s a huge motivation for me. I haven’t always kept up with my writer’s notebook, but I love writing here. I think it’s the fact that my posts generate comments. Hmmm…I wonder if this writing will lead to a renewed personal writer’s notebook…

  1. I agree with Stacey that comments are really motivational for bloggers. Although I haven’t given myself the pressure to blog every day, my antennae are always up for ideas to explore on my blog.
    Reading fine blogs like yours is also inspirational.

    • I know you don’t post every day, but I know I’m in for a treat when I see one of yours show up for me to read. I’m learning by watching you and so many other bloggers I admire. When you say things like this, I think I’m on the right path. Thank you!

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