The Sounds of Silence

So today in no way went according to plan. I woke up, found my login information to go online and call off, and typed up plans for my sub. I put my funny winter hat on and went to school to drop things off only to realize halfway there I’d left everything at home. I was home by 7:30 and finishing up my lesson plans for the week. Little did I know that email I sent this morning would be the last time my computer did anything more useful than play Mahjong while I wondered by I kept getting busy signals when calling the dentist. Or when I actually got through (on my cell) to the phone/internet provider to did out why our internet didn’t work and our phone couldn’t dial out. This left me with little to do today besides rest. (Not a bad way to spend a sick day…) And watch TV really really quietly. I’m not sure if it’s just because I spend most of my free time reading or if I always have associated watching TV with bring home sick (I got to watch The Price Is Right when I started home from school as a kid and couldn’t see well with to read when I was on bed rest.) or if it was the HBO preview calling me, but I curled up with the remote. I also took a most excellent nap. Secretly, I think I appreciate these quieter days where the phone doesn’t ring and my cell phone doesn’t vibrate and I don’t have anyone sounds except softly snoring or purring pets. I think as I get older, I crave this downtime more and more. Or maybe I just recognize it as necessary. Still, I’m hoping to get back to my regularly scheduled life tomorrow. I’ll try to post my Monday reading post once I have internet on something other than my phone. But I think that while I have a few more hours of quiet, I’ll catch some more zzzzs.


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