Things That Make Me Smile #4 & 5

I read lots of great stuff every week. But I don’t know that I often take pictures of what I read if it delights me, but twice in the last two days I have.

The first was yesterday. I was in clad reading with my students and I was so captivated by this paragraph in Seraphina – but I didn’t want to copy the while thing into my notebook in a rush. So I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture.


The second was this evening. My son and I were at the Shaver’s Creek display at the PA Farm Show when I spied this gem. I knew I wanted to have this to share with my dad later so I took the picture.


I could just enjoy loving these words in the context of narrative and experience only to let them fade into the inner recesses of my memories or I could find some way to preserve them for just a little while longer…


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