Somedays I Wish…

On days like today I sometimes wish things were different.

But by different I mean the same.

These last few weeks have been a disastrous mess to my schedule. My waking up and going to bed. My meals. My pretty-much-everything.

You’re probably thinking, “So what? Same thing happened here.”

This may be true, but after many years of suffering with migraines we’ve found that getting off schedule affects me as much as food triggers like chocolate and Nutrasweet. Too little sleep will lead to a migraine. (Those of you who witnessed my incredible adrenaline-fueled lack of sleep at NCTE – the migraine doesn’t hit until the adrenaline wears off…) Too much sleep leads to a migraine. Changing up the bedtime/wake up hours leads to a migraine.

And nothing throws all of those possibilities into one chaotic week like Christmas and New Year’s. And then sends me right back to work…to change my schedule back to “normal” after a week of anything-but.

My head hurt earlier today. Nothing like the migraines I had a week or so ago, but enough. The one I ended up with tonight was more substantial.

I guess the solution is to attempt to keep the same hours, but it’s hard to skip out on visiting with friends, going to holiday get-togethers, seeing in the New Year…

But these were the thoughts going through my poor throbbing head tonight.


4 thoughts on “Somedays I Wish…

  1. Sorry to hear about your migraines. I used to get them; not anymore, thank goodness. But I remember how debilitating they were. Sorry your head hurts. Hope it’s better very very soon!

    • I don’t usually get them often, but the breaks with Thanksgiving and everything leading up to Christmas and New Year’s spark a ton. Everything should be rerighted soon!

    • Best advice for your daughter: figure out all the triggers she has. And find a neurologist she can work with. Mine is great. And luckily I have my regular appointment with her today!

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