And On the First Day There Were Resolutions…

I do this every year.

Sometimes I’m successful.

Sometimes I’m not.

But still I persist in attempting to make positive changes in my life.

I have seen people complaining about the silliness of it all – the absurdity of people using 1/1 as a day to start going to the gym or to begin cleaning their house or to be healthier eaters.

I see the date, the turn over into a new year as a fresh start, just the same as I see the beginning of a new school year or a birthday.

And each of those dates gives me a chance to pause and reflect.

But I don’t usually rewrite my resolutions until January 1.

Here’s the first one – the easy one:

Goodreads challenge 2013

This looks like a crazy idea since I JUST squeaked by to meet my 112 book goal for 2012, but hear me out.

I have absolutely fallen in love with picture books. I’m adding a goal of reading at least 5 picture books a week to indulge myself in the joy they bring. They are charming and I see so many possibilities for using them in my classes more and more as mentor texts that I want to be more deliberate about reading them this year.

I promised myself that I’d do a #bookgapchallenge and I am following through. I’m aiming to read at least 6 books from each of the following categories so I have more to share with my students.

  • Fantasy
  • Sports
  • Romance
  • Non Fiction
  • Historical Fiction

After looking at my Goodreads list, I’m realizing that I need to read more Grown Up titles. This is a gap for me as well since I teach high school and should be able to suggest titles that are more difficult for those students who are ready. I’m hoping to read at least 12.

So…240 PB + 30 bookgapchallenge books + 12 Grown Up books = 282

That’s 282 books before I read anything else that I would otherwise read…

I’ve got this. :)

So what else?

I love how Katherine Sokolowski picked a One Little Word to summarize and remind her of all her goals for 2012 and 2013.

But when I sat to think about what my goals were for 2013, I couldn’t narrow it down to a word that seemed nice.

Everything seemed to point to the word: HABIT.

I struggle with maintaining good habits, but that word…it just bugged me. It wasn’t what I wanted to use to remind me of my goals – even if it fit.

After some pondering, I was able to find one that fit a bit better: MOVE.



I want to MOVE this year. Look at all those words there that connect up to MOVE.

  • RUN…okay, I’ll settle for WALK to start with, but this body needs to MOVE. We started with a family walk this afternoon and it felt so good I’m hoping that I’ll be allowed to go for walks during my lunch break. I’m aiming to either get on my treadmill at home or head to the gym in the mornings to get two walks in.
  • MOTIVATE…the entire household to clean/tidy up the house a little bit each day. The incentive here seems obvious to me: a clean house. We’d be able to find our things without digging. We’d be able to have more time to enjoy them. And if we manage to purge the house of the things we no longer need…the whole thing should be even easier.
  • PLAY…our household needs play, too. We used to have a Game Night in our house one night a week and loved it, but for some reason it fell out of habit. We’ll try that AND an idea that Linda Urban to allow books at the dinner table (with a menu to accommodate page turning) one night a week.
  • reading dinner
  • MOVE OUT…of my classroom at a reasonable hour after school most afternoons. This will require some planning, focus, and deliberate decision making to happen. One of those deliberate decisions will be that I will need to pick one night a week to stay (return) and lock my door, turn on the Motivation Music, and Get Stuff Done. It also means I’ll need to get a routine set to Get (School) Stuff Done at home every night. But as I have learned, any work you have will fill the time I’ve allotted to it so I’m also making a deliberate decision to set a start and end time. But that also means no multi-tasking. This could be the biggest challenge.
  • PROMPT…myself to do more writing. I have more than one blog that should be populated with my words on a regular basis and I haven’t been great about meeting those goals. I also have writing I want to do for myself. I want to work more deliberately at writing with my students this year as well, so that’s also part of this.

I figure if I can just put one foot in front of the other at the beginning of each day, I should be able to MOVE towards meeting these goals. What I don’t want to do is throw my hands up in frustration and abandon them. So I am hoping to revisit this post a few times over the course of 2013 and see how I’m doing.


Here’s to 2013, to wanting to improve, and to finding the motivation to get us where we want to be!


18 thoughts on “And On the First Day There Were Resolutions…

  1. Oh I LOVE IT – you too attached your word to other words to make it meaningful in the many intersecting parts of your life……I’m still searching but I have certainly found inspiration here – and might just use MOVE!

    • Feel free to use MOVE, but I had a blast playing with Visual Thesaurus (just google it) and putting in a few words I was considering to see which ones I liked best. I never was good at following directions… ;)

  2. Love the path down to “MOVE”, & the way you talked your way into it. Much fun to see other’s thinking about these words. Happy New Year as you move through the goals you’ve set. They are good ones, & so hard sometimes, but that OLW seems to work, at least for me. Happy New Year!

  3. Cindy, Love that you chose some really specific goals for you and for your family. I also love the idea of returning to the word several times throughout the year. I haven’t picked my word yet, but when/if I do, I want to try revisiting it every three or four months.

  4. Cindy, Thought afterwards- I have two sons that are football players. I have probably read every football book written (I keep hoping I will find a book that will get their attention but so far no luck), if you need some titles I’d be happy to share!

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