Cleaning House

My holiday weekend has been spent cleaning.

Of course, some of the motivation has been to clean for company coming to visit here on Christmas. That is always a consideration.

But that doesn’t explain why I’m tackling a room (the study) where we could easily just shut the door and no one would be the wiser.

Nor does it explain why I started to dig through boxes of things in my classroom and decide what needed to get chucked after all this time. (I could not, after all these years, find one good reason to keep my binder of plans and notes from student teaching. If I haven’t looked at it – except in passing when cleaning my room – I cannot find any justification to keep it.)

But I am. I’m unearthing surfaces and emptying boxes and making plans for how to get rid of all this STUFF.

And I feel lighter for it.

So tonight, when I had originally planned to be cuddled up with a book, I’ll be scanning and dumping paper after paper as I plug the files into my Evernote account – a project I have long been meaning to start/finish.

I figure my study/desk/classroom will be about a 33 gallon trash bag lighter for all of it.

(That is roughly how much got chucked from my classroom on Friday as well.)

This all fits into my hopes for 2013 of having a more streamlined life. A few thoughts on this:

  • Less clutter has got to result in less anxiety, stress about losing things or forgetting things or misplacing things.
  • I’m looking at routines (again – I did this before school started, too) to figure out how to make them work better – or work at all if something got lost by the wayside (like going to the gym…).
  • I’m thinking about how to be a better role model for my son and my students in this regard.
  • Maybe I’ll have some extra minutes in my day to blog or read or play my son at UNO.

This isn’t just cleaning in terms of the piles of stuff that have accumulated.

This is a chance for me to recharge. To look around and find new possibilities. To challenge myself to do something new and different before I even sit down to pen my resolutions for 2013.

(Although I guess I have already chosen one resolution with my #bookgapchallenge. You can follow that adventure on my Goodreads page.)

But before that all can happen, I really should finish this project first. Wish me luck.


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