Who needs sleep?

School starts tomorrow.

For me.

For my son.

For my seniors who will begin their countdown to graduation.

For my freshmen who’d start their countdown to graduation, but would find the numbers just too great to bear.

As has been tradition, I putzed around the house, read a bit, cleaned a bit, fussed over what outfit to wear, and tried to get ready for The First Day.

Also part of the tradition is still being awake hours after my bedtime with eyes that still wide open and a brain that is whirring along at a clip far too fast for even James Taylor CDs to soothe me to sleep.

It doesn’t feel like anxiety.

I can’t be sure, but I think it’s more like excitement.

I’m really looking forward to seeing former students and meeting new ones. And I love getting reacquainted¬†with my seniors.

Even more than that, I look forward to seeing what all of them are capable of doing this year.

There are books to be read, writings to be written, thinks to be thought, and discussions to be had – and I’m ready to get to it.

The problem is I’m ready to get started and I still have better than seven hours until I can.

So my mind reviews what I want to say, which books I want to recommend, what questions I want to ask, and a thousand other boundless thoughts.

So school starts tomorrow.

Hopefully I can still get some sleep tonight.


6 thoughts on “Who needs sleep?

  1. I’m up too. It’s hard to sleep when you aren’t sure what the next day holds. Regardless of time spent teaching, the best thing about teaching is that every year and every day for that matter hold new possibilities. Have a great first day!

    • YES! It’s exactly those new possibilities that I love so much. May we both be blessed with wonderful new possibilities in our classrooms this year. :)

    • I’ll be fine in a couple of days, but geesh! These first few days always do me in. I am so glad that we follow this full week with a three-day weekend…

  2. I love seeing this… how excited you are to embark on a new year. Makes me feel a bit better about summer ending, and sending my boys back to those classrooms, away from sunshine and family and relaxation… <3

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