First Day XOXOs

I have been thinking as much today about it being the first day of first grade for my son as I have about it being the first day of school for myself.

Despite the lack of sleep, I bounced out of bed and packed lunches for both of us. Yogurt, a sandwich, a drink, and some Goldfish. Nothing fancy, but I did make sure to put a XOXO in it – my son calls the notes that I affectionately end with “xoxo, Mommy” XOXOs (pronounced ZOZO). Something tells me that his PopPop helped him come up with this, but it has stuck and those notes are a big deal.

And so is the first day of school. I couldn’t leave him without one.

As I sat down to scrawl a quick note to include in his lunch bag, I saw the stuff I had out to make banana nut muffins. (Don’t give me too much credit – Betty Crocker did most of the work before I even got started…) So while the coffee brewed, I preheated the oven and mixed up the ingredients.

I probably could have sent him to school with money for lunch (He is just itching to get a regular school lunch now that he’s a Big Kid) and skipped the muffins, but I wanted to make sure he had the chance to know that his mommy loved him…even if I couldn’t see him off on his first day of school.

He didn’t need to do any of those things to show how much he loved me this morning.

He was up and dressed by the time I got out of the shower (Someone else was excited for the first day of school!) so he was able to see me off for my first day of school.


8 thoughts on “First Day XOXOs

  1. aw, this made me weepy for some reason. There arent enough moments… I always included notes for my kids when they were little. Suddenly, one day, they’re big. Hope you get some sleep, lovely.

    • I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified to see how fast time passes by watching my son grow up. I will get some sleep soon…finishing up some research right now…

  2. That is a sweet memory. I was a bit sentimental seeing yours and mine lined up, sharing seats and conquering their small worlds. It’s going to be a great year!!

    • He told me all about her new shoes and Jason and Mom both mentioned that they sat together. Goodness they are growing up fast! This will be a good year for them both.

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