End of Summer Slice

The end of summer seems to sneak up on me every year. Somehow I never feel like I’ve gotten enough in – and even this summer, when Facebook friends are noting my consistent string of posts about going here or there, I felt like there just hasn’t been enough summer jammed into my summer for it to be over.

You know. I didn’t get through that enormous TBR stack. We didn’t use the pool/Hersheypark passes/gym membership enough. We never did sleep out under the stars on the deck. We didn’t go to the auction as much as I hoped to get veggies and fruit. The house still needs a good spring cleaning.

But that being said, we’ve had some adventures in our family this summer – summer camp, day camp, aquariums, NYC, going to the beach, seeing dolphins from a boat, camping, seeing the Fourth of July fireworks from a canoe on the river, seeing two beautiful weddings, museums, being visited by the Tooth Fairy, and fishing (B caught his first two fish this summer!) Add to that the fact that my son is reading up a storm – books, signs, the words I try to spell to his father in code…

(Okay. Maybe that last part is a bit frustrating…)

Even still, that’s a pretty serious list.

And that probably doesn’t even highlight some of the things my son and husband would include.

So I think I’ll be propping up my feet, enjoying my book, and not worrying about the dwindling days of summer flying by.


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