Rainy Afternoon Slice of Life

Something about rainy days just does my motivation to do anything other than lounge around and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book.

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to spend a rainy summer day.

Except I woke up grouchy.

And I have this long to-do list of things that need done.

And even though I managed to cross 4 or 5 things off, I just don’t feel like doing anything else.

(It’s “4 or 5” because I crossed one thing off before I actually had it done.)

But that list just keeps glaring at me.

Guilt sucks.

Especially when it’s inspired by your own handwriting.

So I give up.

I’m going to do what days like this were meant for.

I’m going to sit and try to finish this book (one of the ARCs I was able to pick up at BEA – The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen by Susin Nielsen) – and it might be what I need to do to get me out of this funk. I just need to step out of my comfy Nike flip-flops and into another world for a while.  Something tells me that it will be good for me to know what happens to Henry and his family. I tend to worry about characters I get attached to.

I’m giving in.

So let it rain.


11 thoughts on “Rainy Afternoon Slice of Life

  1. This caught my attention…”Guilt sucks. Especially when it is inspired by your own handwriting.” How true and that truth made me chuckle. Enjoy chasing the grouchy mood away by reading.

  2. I love rainy days because I always associate them with perfect opportunities to curl up and read. Glad to hear that’s exactly what you did – great choice!

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