This Is It: Powering Down

I think it was a lark at first when I decided to take the leap from not teaching with tech (including no photocopies – we have to stick to books and pen/paper) to not using tech for a week.
No Twitter. No Facebook. No internet searches. No TV or video games. No cell phone except as my morning alarm. (I’ll carry it with me – powered off – just in case. We’ve had vehicle trouble in the past week. I don’t need to tempt fate…)
Not exactly no email though. I have a few obligations that must be met both personal and professional that require me to check once a day at least. But that’s a whole ton less than usual.
I will have attendance to take and grades to update, but, by and large, I’ll have cut my computer time radically.
The time has come for me to kick off my Couch to 5K so the treadmill is still usable.
I have sworn off microwave popcorn.
My students figure I’ll get a lot of reading done, but the truth is, I probably won’t. My eye problems continue and so I’ve mostly been listening to audiobooks. I’ll see if they can excuse my CD player only for audiobooks this week. It seems like a reasonable accommodation.
My two guys at home have been on the fence about participating. My husband knew he couldn’t say no if our son decided to do it. The Junior Librarian was game until Sunday when he got two new DS games for Easter and two new Skylanders and now suddenly cannot imagine giving them up completely for a week. *sigh*
I’ll post about my adventure next week when I’m back online.


6 thoughts on “This Is It: Powering Down

  1. This is quite a challenge – one I am not sure I could do! I can’t wait to find out NEXT week how this week goes. I am SURE you will see and notice things differently!

  2. Not exactly going Amish, but as close as she will ever get to cutting the electronic connections. And to think I tried to get her to study for a Ham Radio license way back when. Some day she will inherit the machine on which she got hooked, a Sinclair with 16k of RAM, an 8k Basic ROM and a Radio Shack cassette recorder to store her work. You’ve come a long way young lady!

  3. I know you won’t be reading this for awhile, but wishing you best of luck with the idea of powering down. And I hope your family wil be joining you so maybe you can have some quality time together.

  4. I’m just wondering why your students made such a challenge. I will be eager to see what you learn from the accomplishment, too. I expect it will give you more time for some things, but it may not, since you aren’t even using the copying machine.

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