National Poetry Month Begins!

April is National Poetry Month – and it begins with new challenges.

Not only am I aiming to read some new poetry (and post about it at, but I’m planning on participating in Bud Hunt’s #NPM2012 challenge. Bud posts a new picture and prompt every morning so that we can leave our poems in the comments section.  I had a blast doing this last year and look forward to participating again this year.

And better yet, I hope to share some of his prompts with my students to get them thinking and writing. In some ways, writing poetry is more challenging than writing in other genres. There are less rules, less ways to write in such a short form that leave little to the readers’ imaginations – so you have to trust that you have offered just the right amount of specificity that they will “get” the effect you’re going for.

And if you don’t, you need to be brave enough to leave it open to interpretation once it has left your hands and gone to someone else’s eyes.

So let me leave you with my poem for Bud’s first NPM2012 prompt:


Standing here
Watching the traffic
Racing beneath me
I suddenly wish
I could fly.
I’d push myself
To race above
Oncoming traffic.
An attempt to
Feel faster
Than I could

Instead I stand here
Over the cars
Their speed giving me
The illusion
Of movement
But only enough that
I desire more.


2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Begins!

  1. Yay! I’m glad you are taking on another challenge. It’s nice to see so many blogs still going after the Slice of Life Challenge is complete. I enjoyed this poem. I loved this line, “watching the traffic / race beneath me.” I felt like I was right there. I look forward to following your poetry in this challenge. Happy National Poetry Month!

    • I’m already behind a day. We have a HUGE thing going on at school today – massive coordination effort on the part of guidance and English and now involving the rest of the faculty, the entire senior class, and 35 outside presenters (including my dear hubby). We’ll all breath a huge sigh of relief when it’s done at 11 am. And when grades are turned in at 2:35 and the students dismiss for break, I’ll breath another one. Too much to handle in one week and it’s only Tuesday!

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