Things I Wonder About: #slice2012

My no-posting-while-sleepy rule interfered with my posting yesterday. I came home and settled in to write this wonderful post about what we were doing in class, realized that I had typed and deleted and retyped words that were more nonsensical than the ones before, so I decided to save the draft and finish it in the morning. Except I didn’t. Because I had hit delete instead of save.


Instead of getting angry about screwing up my perfect record of posting this month, I started pondering things like, “How can I type when I’m nearly asleep?” and “Is sleep-typing anything like sleep-walking?” “Can I set some kind of alarm to go off if I type between certain hours?”

So all sorts of thoughts tumbled out this morning as I was racing off to my first appointment at 6:15 AM.  I wondered how MRI machines really work, how a suction cup can hold my cell phone display on the dashboard so easily, and which one of these buildings I was supposed to be in.

Then I wondered why I couldn’t find the phone number to call to help me figure out where I was supposed to be.

Then I wondered what makes tears flow when we’re angry or upset.

I wondered what made some doctors better than others, what works to get me to laugh, and how I got so lucky to marry a guy who not only got my car fixed for me, but also took me to lunch AND brought home whoopie pies from the best bakery on earth.

I am wondering right now why kitties don’t have opposable thumbs – and why they would be so much cooler with them. (I wouldn’t have to open doors for them anymore for starters…)

And, as I go to sleep listening to the guys camping out in sleeping bags in the basement, I’ll wonder what tomorrow will bring.


11 thoughts on “Things I Wonder About: #slice2012

  1. I loved following your wonderings. I think partly because they become my wonderings when I read them and partly because they reveal bits of you–it is a way to know you. Hope you catch up on sleep this weekend!

    • Some days the fates intervene to make sure that I get the rest I need. An early morning migraine sent me back to bed this morning and have slowed down my plans for the day.

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